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What does customer experience (CX) mean to us? At valantic, customer experience means impressing end customers along the entire customer journey. At all relevant touchpoints and across all channels, on all devices used. As an experienced partner, we support you in perfecting the entire customer journey with sophisticated solutions, applications, and services. Holistically designed and skillfully implemented. Simply inspiring.

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The foundation of CX digitalization

You read that right: Digitalization is the foundation of every successful customer journey and thus also the basis of an engaging customer experience. It is crucial to impress customers from a holistic perspective – with the help of smart data, optimized processes, and well-developed applications.

And this is where we come in. These are exactly the things our 1000 experts and consultants at 40 locations work on every day. From the strategic consulting phase to technical implementation and ongoing operation.

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Customer Experience It all starts with data

Customer experience must be seen as a holistic concept. It leaves no room for departmental thinking and company silos. The supply chain of data and information – starting from product and customer data – is the basis of any transformation. In other words, processes and applications cannot achieve the desired outcomes without data.

In this respect, we see ourselves as an enabler with deep and integrative knowledge when it comes to managing product and customer data as well as transactional process data. PIM and MDM, CRM and CDP, DAM and DXP: All this is our passion. That’s what drives us.

Customer Experience Impressive results through seamless processes

An optimal 360° customer experience thrives on seamless processes and optimized workflows. Any shortcoming in this regard quickly becomes apparent and can lead to high churn rates and reduced conversion rates. It can cause all the things that should absolutely be avoided – whether in tough B2C retail business or sophisticated B2B order processes. Well, shit happens. But hopefully not too often. And certainly not with us. Because we love optimal processes – end-to-end.

From e-commerce-centric processes such as order management to the digital data supply chain to optimized processes along the retention and advocacy phases of the customer journey: We are right there with you. This also applies to customer-centric processes such as marketing automation, personalization via ML/AI and conversion optimization.

Go “all in” now – with the help of valantic.

Design & functionality Applications for a captivating customer experience

The data and processes are all set? Then the next step is the visualization and functional implementation of a captivating customer experience – for B2B or B2C online stores, web portals, configurators, digital sales solutions, and many other applications. Through the innovative and orchestrated interaction of strategy, design, technology and marketing, we create a digital experience honed to perfection by true masters of their craft.

While design & UX ensure a visually appealing customer journey, technology delivers all the necessary functionalities to delight end customers. Analytics, content marketing, marketing automation and SEO: Targeted digital marketing initiatives ensure a continuous stream of visitors and a veritable firework of conversions. Ultimately, valantic stands for a holistic process – for the targeted combination of strategy, design, technology, and marketing.

What you get with us And what you don't

One thing up front: We don’t have an imposed standard. But we do have exceptionally high quality standards, which we will discuss with you and define together. We want you to be happy with the result. Because then we will be too.

We work in a structured and methodical way from the very first moment. If you want to know what this looks like in concrete terms, we will of course be happy to tell you. In any case, you can be sure: We carry out exactly those steps that are required to achieve the best possible outcome. Not all the steps that would theoretically be possible or those that are done just to satisfy a certain methodology.

Everyone says it, but we are serious about it: We are here for you and your project. We don’t promise you the moon or dance attendance on you. But we are incredibly dedicated, think ahead and strive to always find the best solutions. Because – and this is where we come full circle – if you are happy with the result, so are we.

Ready to take control of your digital performance?

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Dietmar Rietsch

Dietmar Rietsch

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Reto Rutz

“Grüezi” from St. Gallen

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Customer Experience Leadership With dedication, passion, and know-how. Period!

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