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Ideally suited for complex e-commerce systems


E-commerce for uncompromising performance

commercetools is a pioneer of the MACH movement in e-commerce and consistently implements its principles. The acronym MACH stands for Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless – and describes a fusion of modern technology principles.

This makes commercetools suitable for sophisticated, transaction-based operator models in e-commerce that represent much more than a just standard store. Whenever speed of action, functional uncompromisingness, rapid development and efficient operation are required, commercetools is the best solution.

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A globally active company with headquarters in Munich

What’s behind it? commercetools

Founded back in 2006, commercetools has seen around 300 million euros of investor money pouring into its development to drive constant product innovation. commercetools is ranked in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant and is considered a model system in international commerce.

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An optimal partnership: valantic and commercetools

Many years of experience and valuable expertise

The implementation of complex e-commerce solutions requires a great deal of know-how. At valantic, we have been working successfully with 20+ DAX companies for years and have proven our competence in challenging projects. We deploy certified teams – both on a technical and organizational level. The experience gained and the expertise available make us the perfect partner for implementing sophisticated e-commerce systems with commercetools.

How does commercetools work?

Optimally suited for ambitious medium-sized and large businesses

The era of monoliths is coming to an end. This explains why the vast majority of software vendors want to follow the path of MACH principles. It is the right path – and while it means a significant break in development, it is worth it in the end. commercetools was the initiator and thus also the pioneer of the MACH movement and has therefore accumulated unrivalled expertise.

From the very beginning, commercetools has followed the microservice approach and planned and implemented the functional architecture accordingly. The same applies to efficient data exchange using an API-first approach. To remain scalable in resource-intensive processes, a cloud-native solution was integrated. In addition, the headless approach was introduced that separates the frontend and backend at an early stage. This allowed complementary areas to develop in the best possible and coordinated way.

All in all, the integral combination of the different technologies offers numerous advantages over solution concepts based on just one of these building blocks.

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Visual; commercetools is a pioneer of the MACH movement in e-commerce and consistently implements its principles.

The advantages of commercetools

  • future-proof: consistent MACH architecture for future-proof systems
  • efficient: No more updates! The focus is on value-driving further development.
  • flexible: testing of new features and business models without legacy
  • fast: very good time-to-market performance due to preconfigured packages

10 minutes to get your perfect e-commerce system

To evaluate marketing promises and the technical foundation with regard to the classification of possible e-commerce systems, five questions are crucial. We would like to address these in a personal conversation with you and explain their implications.

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