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Perfect your approach: Headless and composable with commercetools

You decide how your digital business should grow. Create an unforgettable shopping experience at every touchpoint. Give your developers maximum freedom to implement new ideas and solve problems with MACH®. Thanks to the flexibility of Headless, you can achieve any goal. As a leading commercetools partner in DACH, we accompany you on the path to digital excellence.

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Fast. Simple. Maximum flexibility. This is commercetools

When commercetools was founded, the clear requirement was that brands must break through the boundaries of traditional platforms and monolithic systems in order to fully utilize the possibilities of digital commerce. With the first headless commerce platform, commercetools has created a foundation that offers almost limitless possibilities for your e-business. Composable Commerce is the next evolutionary step in digital commerce. Composable moves away from often slow, inflexible monolithic systems – towards a lightweight, modular and component-based design. This approach allows you to independently update and scale functions on your platform, such as search, product pricing, delivery, customer account and checkout.

Go flexible – go commercetools!

How does commercetools work?

commercetools relies on a headless architecture. Backend processes and frontend are decoupled from each other. This separation simplifies and accelerates the development of innovative commerce experiences.

The MACH® architecture makes it possible to move away from rigid structures. Microservices allow systems to interact quickly and flexibly. Changes to individual microservices can be made independently of each other. This makes it easier to design best-of-breed solutions for your company in order to generate added value for your customers more quickly.

MACH architecture and headless

Get started - with our valantic B2B Composer

The valantic B2B Composer is the answer to the constantly growing requirements in B2B commerce based on commercetools. Behind that is a ready-to-use commerce solution. So why wait any longer?

With the valantic B2B Composer, you get a perfect basic setup that meets the requirements of almost all industries. The B2B Composer contains a range of ready-made B2B functions based on our experience from more than 200 B2B commerce projects. Unique in the market is our ready-to-use headless frontend solution, which is highly customizable and flexible and runs on a state-of-the-art technology stack.

The valantic B2B Composer is the perfect starting point for complex B2B commerce platforms and it integrates seamlessly into your existing IT landscape to create compelling digital customer experiences for the long term.

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Functionality par excellence: strengths of the B2B Composer

Ready for commercetools?

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