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Support superheroes you can count on

24/7 support by valantic

The e-commerce world never sleeps – and neither does valantic! Our 24/7 team is here to protect your revenues and reputation. We proactively monitor your business and customer journey KPIs, ensuring that your website always operates at peak efficiency. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to peace of mind!

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Support that saves the day

Here when you need us

At valantic, we’re not just handling tickets – we’re all about achieving tangible results. From 24/7 support and applications monitoring to SLA management, 3rd party escalations, project rescue, ticketing system implementation, and IT infrastructure support: We’ve got the tools to save the day and elevate your business to new heights.

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24/7 CX Monitoring

With countless successful e-commerce projects under our belt, we’ve seen it all. Our CX Monitoring solution is your secret weapon against digital commerce challenges of all kinds. We knock down silos, creating an environment where the entire application flow is monitored in real-time. Issues are resolved before your customers even notice, ensuring a seamless experience that keeps them coming back for more.

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valantic has your back – always!

Support services for non-stop digital performance

At valantic, we believe in the power of a dedicated in-house support team. Our support superheroes work under one roof, sharing the same vision and goals. From the moment our Level 1 Support answers your call, you’ll experience maximum trust, seamless communication, and immediate results. We’re not just a support team – we’re part of your team!

Our dedicated communication channels and proactive monitoring ensure around-the-clock availability, so you never miss a beat. We’re here to provide the support you need, whenever you need it.

You can count on valantic, no matter your business size. With SLA Guaranteed Response Times and expertise in 3rd party escalations, we adapt to your needs with speed, transparency, and agility.

When your digital ecosystem demands specialized attention, our in-house team steps in. Ranging from skilled dev ops to project managers and quality assurance engineers, they bring the expertise required to drive your success.

With custom-tailored permission and escalation schemes, we keep a watchful eye on your digital ecosystem, ensuring it runs smoothly. From customer journey monitoring to ADA accessibility and beyond: We’ve got you covered!

Full transparency and control over service quality: Our performance dashboards provide visibility into guaranteed response and resolution times, allowing you to keep tabs on the quality of service. And we’re even able to report on the performance of 3rd party providers.

We’ll triage, analyze, and mitigate issues swiftly. Whether it’s escalating them to our development team, your internal team, or a 3rd party: We ensure a seamless resolution process with defined escalation paths.

Regardless of who developed your solution, we’re here to rescue it. From auditing and planning to documentation, training, and even working side by side, we’ll ensure your project meets business and end-user expectations.

Our expert team configures and integrates support systems to streamline workflows. Via intelligent alignment of service desk tools, we create a unified support landscape, boosting efficiency and brand experiences.

We audit, plan, execute, and adopt new or improved IT infrastructure support. From unlocking visibility to data-based decision-making, we ensure high availability, responsiveness, and reliability for your business operations.

Welcome to the future!

Where customer centricity is more than a buzzword

Leave it to valantic to bring creativity, innovation, and reliability to every project. Together, we’ll conquer the e-commerce and customer experience world and make your business soar! Always with a focus on exceeding customer expectations.

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