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Ibexa’s DXP (digital experience platform) marks the next step in the evolution of digital platforms and provides a comprehensive solution for designing and managing integrated and interconnected customer experiences. As a PHP-Symfony-based solution, Ibexa is our preferred tool for the creation of outstanding personalized customer experiences for both B2B and B2C companies. With its standardized and modular framework, the Ibexa DXP facilitates the efficient design of all key touchpoints along the customer journey and actively supports you in implementing your digital strategy.

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Ibexa – a trailblazer in content management systems

Originating as eZ Systems in 1999, the Oslo (Norway) based company Ibexa has developed into a global enterprise with a network of offices across Europe. With over two decades of experience and its rebranding to Ibexa in 2020, the company has firmly positioned itself as a front-runner in providing content management solutions.

Ibexa’s mission revolves around equipping businesses with the necessary tools to create digital experiences that drive business growth. From brand pages and e-commerce platforms to intranets and integration with the Internet of Things: Ibexa offers everything you need to help build lasting relationships with end-users, regardless of the platform, channel, or device.

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The Ibexa DXP – one platform, unlimited possibilities

Introduced in October 2020, the Ibexa DXP is an innovative solution based on a modular yet cohesive technology platform. It comprises three versatile modules, each functioning independently or synergistically, to facilitate cross-channel user journeys. These modules combine brand, content, product information, and e-commerce, creating a seamless integration that opens up a myriad of possibilities.

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Ibexa headless: multi-channel content management

Ibexa headless is a versatile, multichannel, and headless content management system (CMS) designed for marketing, e-commerce, and self-service applications. It is particularly suitable for organizations looking to leverage content hubs and services as pivotal elements of their digital platform. With Ibexa headless, content can be effectively delivered and managed across all channels, maximizing the reach of your brand message.

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Ibexa Experience: redefining the customer experience

Ibexa Experience is a cutting-edge, modular digital experience platform (DXP) designed to create exceptional customer experiences. It’s an ideal choice for customer-centric companies and organizations that want to go beyond traditional content management and website development. Ibexa Experience facilitates the creation of seamless, memorable experiences for customers and partners.

Ibexa Commerce: revolutionizing B2B & B2C e-commerce

Ibexa Commerce is a DXP developed specifically for the B2B & B2C sectors, covering the full spectrum of e-commerce requirements. The platform is instrumental in digitalizing sales processes and automating business transactions. With Ibexa Commerce, there’s a seamless integration of content and product sales, fostering personalized content and, consequently, an intuitive and efficient purchasing experience. The magic word: content commerce.
These three modules of the Ibexa DXP – content, experience, and commerce – represent a holistic solution for businesses aiming to strengthen their online presence and boost marketing efficiency. The scope of these modules extends across content and website management, e-commerce solutions, and the creation and implementation of new designs or website functionalities.
Each module was designed to include distinct features and benefits to meet varying needs and objectives – for a flexible and targeted approach to digital transformation.

The key features at a glance

The Ibexa DXP comes equipped with various key features, making it both a powerful and flexible tool for crafting digital experiences. Below is a summary of the most important functionalities:

Thanks to these impressive key features, Ibexa was recognized as a strong performer in the Gartner® Peer Insights™ “Voice of the Customer” for Digital Experience Platforms Report 2023, with a high overall rating and a strong likelihood of recommendation by users. Such accolades further underscore the platform’s exceptional customer satisfaction and quality.

Ibexa DXP: solutions for every need

The Ibexa DXP is a versatile platform designed to cater to a broad spectrum of B2B and B2C companies, aiding in their digital transformation and customer journey management:

B2B companies: Ibexa’s DXP is particularly suitable for medium-sized companies aiming to digitalize complex B2B processes and enhance customer relationships. It addresses the unique needs of B2B organizations, ranging from handling complex product catalogs to personalizing the B2B shopping experience.

B2C companies: The scalability of Ibexa DXP also makes it a compelling choice for B2C enterprises. It enables them to deliver personalized experiences across various channels, thereby boosting customer loyalty and engagement.

The Ibexa DXP is a flexible development platform built on established technologies, which simplifies the integration and customization of new features. It offers standard technology stacks based on the Symfony framework, along with fully decoupled, headless implementations utilizing REST and GraphQL APIs. This makes Ibexa DXP a great solution for different user groups wanting to leverage the benefits of an advanced digital experience platform and successfully implement their digital initiatives.

In which situations can Ibexa DXP be used?

Ibexa’s digital experience platform is uniquely equipped to address a multitude of challenges and delivers suitable solutions across diverse scenarios. Here are a few examples:

Situation: creating digital experiences for multiple target groups
Challenges: brand consistency across various platforms, efficient creation of digital campaigns, digital asset management, system connections and integrations, customer identification, content personalization, managing multi-channel engagement
Solution: Ibexa’s DXP excels in the efficient creation and management of digital content across multiple channels. The platform supports the automation of translations and provides comprehensive publishing functionalities, along with AI-driven content personalization. The result: effective management and distribution of diverse content across multiple channels such as websites, social media, and e-mail marketing.

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Situation: developing modern portals for suppliers, partners, or customers
Challenges: a uniform customer experience across all touchpoints, introducing self-service solutions, easy access to relevant data and information, transitioning to digital sales, streamlining and simplifying ordering processes
Solution: The Ibexa DXP helps supplement public content with additional resources specifically for B2B customers. This approach significantly reduces the need for phone-based customer service, making vital information more readily accessible. The platform provides personalized content and facilitates the sharing of important product details, order status, and transaction information with customers for 24/7 self-service.

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Situation: transforming transactional processes
Challenges: easy and seamless reordering processes, dynamic pricing, ERP/PIM integration, marketplace integration
Solution: The Ibexa DXP facilitates the streamlined introduction of online transactions through a controlled, step-by-step approach. The platform is designed to provide detailed product information to anonymous visitors while offering personalized pricing and availability details to logged-in customers. Additionally, Ibexa’s DXP supports the development of a sales channel capable of handling complex purchasing processes and budget management systems.

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Ibexa Silver Partner

valantic & Ibexa: a partnership driving innovation

As an Ibexa Silver Partner in Switzerland, we are able to provide excellent consulting services and ensure the seamless integration of the Ibexa DXP into your existing system landscape. Our expertise lies in developing bespoke solutions that are designed to align with the specific needs and objectives of your company and customers. The ultimate goal: create a unique customer experience by harnessing the full capabilities of the Ibexa DXP!

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