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Salesforce Sales Cloud is clearly one of the core functionalities of Salesforce for us. Overarching advantages unfold their full potential in the Salesforce Sales Cloud. Regular updates, a marketplace for business apps and other features optimize sales during ongoing operations.

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A sales tool worthy of its name

That’s Salesforce Sales Cloud.

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An interface that combines essential sales tools, Salesforce Sales Cloud adds quantifiable value. Do you want to increase sales? No problem. Drive business growth with less effort? Piece of cake. Above all, by working more efficiently as a team, better quotations will be created, and more deals will be closed. Not to mention, workflows will be improved. And team communication will become more efficient.

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Let’s just take a look at what Salesforce Sales Cloud has to offer:

  • contact management
  • opportunity management
  • lead management
  • reports and dashboards
  • sales forecasting
  • collaboration
  • quote-to-cash
  • Slack integration

The best thing about Salesforce Sales Cloud

More time for the things that really matter.

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Save time with Sales Cloud

A day has no more than 24 hours. Salesforce Sales Cloud won’t change that. Nevertheless, it helps to give the precious time of sales employees the value it deserves. Namely the highest.

With the Salesforce Sales Cloud, time-consuming tasks such as data entry and manual tracking of leads through the sales pipeline can be automated. The Sales Path function plays a decisive role here. The most important next action, determined via previous configuration, is suggested to each lead in the sales cycle step. This means that the information that is most relevant for closing the deal is always ready at hand.

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Sales Cloud Einstein

Salesforce Sales Cloud has immense strengths in automating sales processes mainly due to Salesforce’s built-in AI: Einstein.

Sales Cloud’s Einstein increases sales productivity by automating sales activities, selecting the best leads, connecting with customers and creating new business, as well as improving revenue forecasting.

Einstein works. So well, in fact, that we wish it had been our invention. Well, we can’t take credit for it. But we can implement it.

Alone: outstanding.
Together: unstoppable!

The Salesforce universe

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