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D2C e-commerce engine for leading retailers


SCAYLE is more than a store and more than a platform

SCAYLE is an all-in-one solution for enterprise-level businesses that combines e-commerce technology, international operations, and data-driven marketing. It integrates PIM, OMS, CRM, and e-commerce functionalities, and is highly standardized and scalable. More, it’s just as flexible as the front-end options.
As a leading SCAYLE partner, valantic has the expertise to customize SCAYLE as a high-performance system for your D2C/B2C business model and create a remarkable customer experience that will delight both you and your customers, guaranteed!

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100 % B2C −
by professionals for professionals What exactly is SCAYLE?

SCAYLE technology is the store software powering ABOUT YOU, one of Europe’s most successful and rapidly expanding e-commerce and fashion tech companies. This technology has been available on the market since 2018 and is now used by over 100 stores across 28 countries. Formerly marketed as the ABOUT YOU cloud, SCAYLE technology has become an indispensable tool for businesses looking to optimize their e-commerce operations.

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What is SCAYLE?

SCAYLE is 100 % focused on B2C business models and scales as you grow.

With SCAYLE, you have a distinct advantage over other solutions that lack scalability: Drawing on the expertise and processes developed over many years of ABOUT YOU’s growth, SCAYLE is constantly evolving and improving. By leveraging the technical foundation of one of Europe’s most successful e-commerce players, you can scale your business with confidence.

How does SCAYLE work?

Exactly what you need to scale

SCAYLE is specifically designed for businesses that are focused on growth. The SaaS solution offers a three-part service portfolio – including Commerce Technology, Online Marketing, and Commerce Operations – that can be fully customized. It is particularly well-suited for market-leading B2C retailers and brands that operate in a D2C model. However, SCAYLE may be less suitable for standalone B2B cases, as it was developed with B2C growth in mind. For B2B cases, we recommend systems such as Magento, Shopware or Spryker, which are more B2B-focused. Nevertheless, all the services included in SCAYLE can be easily adapted to non-fashion product ranges for added flexibility.

Aside from Commerce Technology, SCAYLE Online Marketing offers valuable expertise in data-driven marketing and the implementation of effective international online marketing campaigns. This includes marketing with dedicated attribution models and channel management, as well as automated customer relationship management. SCAYLE even boasts its own influencer network to further enhance your marketing efforts.

SCAYLE Commerce Operations provides a robust pan-European logistics network with global shipping options, as well as white-label customer service in over 20 languages. Additionally, Operations is equipped to manage external marketplaces on your behalf.

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Strengths of SCAYLE

One solution – three services – unlimited possibilities

SCAYLE promises a proven B2C solution that is designed for maximum scalability – and it consistently delivers on this promise. All this is made possible by a dedicated team and the expertise of over 400 employees working at the Hamburg location.

  • state-of-the-art API-first and headless, cloud-native and modular approach
  • strong set of functionalities for B2C and D2C
  • integrated PIM
  • integrated OMS
  • store, logistics and marketplace management
  • automated CRM
  • data-driven marketing
  • customer service
  • fast internationalization
  • multi-client capable

SCAYLE in use

Grow more efficiently

The SCAYLE Commerce Engine is a comprehensive solution that provides brand manufacturers and retailers with all the necessary service modules to effectively scale their digital D2C business. This approach not only improves margins but also reduces costs, because SCAYLE is a pure SaaS solution that can be operated more cost-effectively than comparable best-of-breed solutions.

Our verdict: SCAYLE’s combination of high-end store technology and operations know-how is highly compelling. This makes it an excellent choice for ambitious retailers and brands – and the gap in the market for a fully integrated solution has been closed. To make the most of SCAYLE’s capabilities, valantic will guide you through the process as a strong and experienced partner!

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