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With Salesforce CDP, Salesforce now offers a single source of truth for marketers and anyone looking to drive business growth. With the Salesforce CDP, something (actually) fundamental becomes the norm: a holistic CRM combined with data-driven marketing.

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Unified data with Salesforce CDP

Every interaction a personal moment

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Although it’s already the main promise of Salesforce CDP, unifying all relevant data from any source is just the underbelly of what’s actually powerful behind it. Seeing it as a data lake, i.e. as a simple warehouse for data, is too short-sighted. To be frank, that would also just be wrong! CDPs, and especially those by Salesforce, can do a lot more:

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What Salesforce Service Cloud has to offer:

  • integrating commerce data
  • real-time interaction data on target groups
  • merging of customer data into a unified customer profile
  • data on customer lifetime value, interaction values and more
  • calculated insights to deepen customer knowledge
  • data foundation for personalizing the customer journey
  • integrated loyalty management with memberships, loyalty levels and scores
  • Datorama and Tableau integration
  • visualized, AI-powered insights

Unified data from diverse source systems

Screenshot of Salesforce data stream

A CDP is a single source of truth because this is where all relevant data is consolidated. But what makes CDPs special, in addition to the sheer volume of consolidated data, data mapping, and generation of data insights, is the activation of this data. Be it via an existing Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the Salesforce Commerce Cloud or an external platform of your choice. All compliant with DSGVO and CCPA, of course. An experience is only good if it is based on the needs and limitations of the customer.

Salesforce CDP with strengths in B2B

Because it can do what others can’t do (quite as well)

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Three words, a massive impact: account-based marketing (ABM)! It assumes that individual users (contacts) can be assigned to a company (account) within the scope of their professional activity. Within this logic, being able to apply the powerful segmentation capabilities of Salesforce CDP will bring at least a smile to anyone who knows why this is special. So if Salesforce is already systemically mapping these relationships via a Sales or Service Cloud, relevant data and data links go hand-in-hand here!

Data segmentation via drag & drop

Screenshot von Salesforce CDP Datensegmentierung

Easy to use, easy to configure: The Salesforce CDP impresses with the well-known Salesforce perks and creates direct added value, especially in organizations that are already at home in the blue universe.

Alone: outstanding.
Together: unstoppable!
The Salesforce universe

The Salesforce universe


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