Salesforce Health Cloud

Empower your health team with comprehensive insights and create a 360-degree view. Ensure patients receive the right care. Seamlessly connect and engage with every patient, member, employee, and partner. Gain invaluable insights into each individual’s profile, encompassing demographics, communications, clinical and non-clinical data. Health Cloud integrates information from Electronic Health Records, membership and claims systems, insurance systems, as well as data from medical devices and wearables – all consolidated in one central location.

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Any organization (healthcare providers, payers, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, clinical research companies) within healthcare can benefit from Salesforce Health Cloud, leveraging the following key features:

Foster Personalized Patient Connections & Create Patient 360

Create patient engagements and personalized relationships by empowering them to access and track their health goals and care plans. Visualize a patients medical history using the standard health timeline. With real-time connectivity, address questions from both patients and their family members promptly, all from the convenience of any device. Including the integration with Data Cloud for Healthcare for social, behavioral, … and more.

Deliver Insightful, Timely Care Plans

Allow care teams to create, manage and track personalized care plans. Facilitating collaboration across the entire care network. Set reminders for patient or member follow-ups to ensure no one falls through the cracks.

Home Health

Help automate the intake for in-home treatment. Create scheduling processes using scheduling workflows to convert into scheduled visits, deliveries, … based on patient preferences.

Create actionable insights using the power of AI

With Einstein for Analytics for Healthcare, create advanced insights and predictions to improve the patient outcomes, streamline operations and more.

Transform Your EHR System into a System of Engagement

Enhance your EHR system and earn the trust of patients by providing access to the right information at the right time. Health Cloud opens doors to unlock EHR systems and seamlessly incorporate apps in a secure, flexible platform, transforming your system of record into a dynamic system of engagement.

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