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Contentful CMS – API-first content platform

Composable commerce with Contentful

Fulfil complex needs with the leading headless content management system: Contentful serves as the central content hub within enterprises, delivering content seamlessly to diverse mediums, including mobile apps, websites, and IoT systems. Its unparalleled flexibility effortlessly caters to the unique requirements of various stakeholders involved in content creation and publication.

valantic CX is your certified Contentful partner! In collaborations with our clients, we’ve successfully demonstrated the potential of Contentful as a headless CMS and facilitator of composable commerce. Discover its possibilities for your upcoming project and join us on the journey towards the future of CMS!

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What exactly is Contentful?

Founded in 2013 in Berlin, Contentful has grown into the leading and most reputable headless CMS provider on the market. Its client list includes major names such as Spotify, The British Museum, and Heineken. valantic’s customer Mobilezone (previously known as powwow) effectively leverages Contentful too and uses it to manage content creation and publication across a diverse range of Mobilezone brands.

The content management system optimally fulfils the requirements of large projects and complex enterprise setups. It’s an impeccable match for corporate websites, a valuable e-commerce addition, and an asset in professional publishing. Contentful enables different departments and multiple user roles to collaboratively and simultaneously manage content, without interfering with each other’s work. This capability is pivotal for large content teams collaborating across various locations and time zones.

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How does Contentful work?

With its API-first approach, Contentful is a powerful CMS, enabling true single-source publishing (“create once, publish everywhere”). Content managers enter text, images, and videos only once and can subsequently (re)use them wherever needed, regardless of the target medium – from websites to online stores to apps. This approach minimizes the time and effort required for modifications. Changes are implemented centrally and become effective throughout. By eradicating errors, outdated content, and unintended duplicates, Contentful pioneers a new era – with positive effects on user experience and conversion rates.

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Following the initial setup process, new content can be published entirely without developers or the IT department. This substantially accelerates content time-to-market. Contentful also boasts exceptional scalability – it’s able to seamlessly handle substantial amounts of content without sacrificing performance. Rest assured: As your requirements grow, Contentful effortlessly grows with you!

Strengths of Contentful

For content creation

  • Central content hub for all types of content: Replace fragmented repositories that hinder collaboration with a unified hub, streamlining teamwork and boosting efficiency.
  • Multi-site capabilities: Effortlessly recycle content across diverse projects, languages, and markets using the content library’s versatile features.
  • Highly customizable authoring environment: Seamlessly integrate bespoke authoring tools, editors, and enterprise systems, aligning perfectly with your specific needs.
  • Easy pre-production testing: Test content within the staging environment, then seamlessly transition it to the live environment with just a few clicks.
  • Alignment with large departments and compliance policies: Leverage the freedom of configurable workflows, granular role and rights management, and single sign-on to align seamlessly with major departments and adhere to compliance standards.

Operational advantages

  • Fast page load speed: powered by the fast and dependable Content Delivery API
  • Highly available and reliable hosting: Contentful operates as a cloud-based SaaS software, delivering exceptional availability and reliability.
  • Live preview: Integrate Ninetailed for enhanced visualization, content testing, personalization, and intuitive content modeling. Foster teamwork through @-mentions and in-field comments.
  • AI content generation: Easily create branded content using AI and translate it into multiple languages.
  • AI content model generation: Experience high speed and dependability with support for a whopping 70 billion API calls monthly, coupled with an array of standard apps and novel templates for websites, blogs, and e-commerce.
  • Enterprise-ready: Contentful’s ISO-27001 certification ensures it’s primed for enterprise-level demands.
  • Best-of-breed setup: With its API-first approach, Contentful empowers you to retain flexibility in crafting your ideal tool landscape.

Who benefits most from Contentful?

No matter what the next task is – be it the creation of a landing page, webinar registration page, product description, or an ad banner: Contentful helps marketers swiftly execute on their ideas, even when deadlines are tight. Better yet, not once do they have to contact the development department.

… find immense satisfaction in the centralized content management and the ability to reuse content elements. This ensures that end-users are spared confusion or frustration stemming from inaccurate content. Goodbye, broken links, outdated content, and redundant information!

… can produce content without having to worry about what it will look like. The company’s proprietary content model takes care of that. Built-in conflict detection ensures copywriters and content creators are safeguarded against inadvertently overwriting each other’s contributions when working simultaneously.

Contentful is your missing CMS puzzle piece!

Contentful seamlessly integrates with your composable commerce framework, facilitating the harmonious distribution of content and product data. Pre-existing standard integrations are available for select e-commerce tools.

Our team of Contentful experts will be happy to guide you in determining the store technologies that best suit your commerce project!

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