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Salesforce Commerce Cloud sees one key idea as the cornerstone of the platform: Every business model is different. And often, that’s especially true for B2B models. After all, no two customers are alike. So it’s more or less B2B2C – although this is still a significant simplification.

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Salesforce is trying to transform this complexity into an experience as simple as shopping for shoes online with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. And the best part? The Salesforce Commerce Cloud doesn’t just optimize your own business. Because B2B2C businesses are inherently deeply embedded in the value creation of a broader business model, Salesforce Commerce Cloud often creates value across the entire value chain.

Reducing complexity with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud

A comprehensive solution for complex business

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The defining elements of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud are the seamless integration of systems, the automation of processes and the resulting optimized customer experience. That’s what Salesforce essentially does. All of the features provided help increase revenue, get innovations to market faster, and build customer loyalty. This works for every industry – tailor-made. For instance, in industrial plant engineering, procurement processes are digitalized and made more flexible. In the fast-paced consumer goods (FMCG) sector with stationary or digital retail, the focus is on inventory management.

From software providers to chemical companies to sandal manufacturers: The B2B2C experience can be completely rethought with the help of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud – connected and personalized across all touchpoints.

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The Commerce Cloud boasts impressive diversity

The requirements in both the B2B and B2C sectors couldn’t be further apart – they have only one thing in common: wanting to ensure a great e-commerce experience. That’s why the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform offers a total of three different solutions. Because personalized customer experiences rely on the right technology solution for specialized organizations. And there’s only one thing left to do: implementing them.



It’s not just consumers who buy online – companies do, too. The websites operated via the Salesforce Commerce Cloud often have a much higher volume of items and also extremely large shopping carts. Functions therefore follow user behavior, such as the ability to place large and high-frequency orders quickly and easily via 2 clicks or get price lists via company accounts or customer segments.


It is often difficult to find direct access to the market – if this is strategically desired at all. But if that’s the case, the B2B2C solution bridges this gap. It makes direct sales easy, without neglecting the actual customers such as distributors in B2B. With a common data model for both sales channels, a single source of truth is created – a connected customer journey from marketing to sales and commerce to service that does justice to the digital transformation.


Online shopping is of enormous importance to consumers in the digital age. Customers interact with brands and companies in a variety of ways – both before and after their visit. Salesforce Commerce Cloud connects all of these moments by integrating them in a single platform. And when not just one but multiple stores are connected to the platform, the true magic behind the Salesforce B2C Commerce solution starts to unfold.

Alone: outstanding.
Together: unstoppable!

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