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Visionary – the apt classification in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Bloomreach’s technologies. Globally, Bloomreach aids brands and businesses in designing, measuring, scaling, and continuously enhancing customer experiences with a holistic approach. We see Bloomreach as a problem solver with transformational potential.

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Bloomreach CDXP

Customer data excellence

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Customer engagement technology

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Innovation needs trailblazers Bloomreach leads the way

Bloomreach’s platforms score high on full flexibility. The so-called “headless” architecture underlying everything separates the user interface from the downstream process. In other words: The adaptation possibilities as well as the corresponding possibilities of connecting to other systems are designed to be as simple as possible. It’s all about the API. Everything (!) follows the focus on customer success. Bloomreach considers topics like customer enablement, thought leadership and regular sharing of best practices as a fundamental service. Simply because it contributes to customer success.

Bloomreach Value Proposition with valantic CX

Bloomreach Customer Experience

At the core are three solutions that can also be fully stand-alone, which together represent a small ecosystem of their own.

  • Bloomreach Content
  • Bloomreach Engagement
  • Bloomreach Discovery

Together they form the Bloomreach customer experience platform. It boasts a strong scope of options for search, product discovery and merchandising, supported by a unified data layer on core product and customer data through an “intelligent index”.

And in order to provide an outstanding digital experience to all of a company’s customers, Bloomreach technology empowers employees within the company to draw from the fullness of digital creativity.

Any company building a digital core must overcome profound technological hurdles. Bloomreach overcomes these obstacles in partnership with companies and their employees.

Innovation kept accessible

One thing is for sure: A system is only as good as the person using it. That’s why the Bloomreach Experience Cloud comes with an exceptionally intuitive and appealing user interface, which in turn provides an outstanding user experience. When it comes to implementing CE technologies, this plays a crucial role. After all, a system your employees enjoy working in is a system your employees enjoy working and spending time in. Time that proves to be an investment in the future.

Bloomreach CDXP

For us at valantic, the real data power of Bloomreach comes from the engagement pillar: Bloomreach’s customer data platform (CDP). Or as it’s called in this case: CDXP – customer data augmented by the experience dimension.

This tool can’t be missing from valantic’s best-of-breed marketing technologies.

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Nils Weber, Managing Director and Partner at valantic

Nils Weber

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