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Akeneo, a global leader in Product Experience Management (PXM) and Product Information Management (PIM), helps manufacturers and retailers ensure a consistent customer experience across all touchpoints, including E-commerce, Mobile, Print, and at the Point of Sale (POS).

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What does Akeneo offer?

Open Source PIM & Data Intelligence 

With Akeneo’s Open Source PIM and data intelligence solutions, product data is centrally harmonized and translated. The data can be processed and used intuitively and flexibly by the company’s employees or external suppliers. More than 200 Akeneo employees and over 100 partners worldwide already support customers in their multichannel marketing – and in improving the customer experience to reduce their time-to-market.

Founded in 2013, the company’s more than 500 customers now include well-known brands such as Fossil, Frankfurt Airport, Kneipp, Lamy, Liqui Moly, Mann+Hummel and Mytheresa. Akeneo has international locations in France, Germany, the USA, the UK, Poland, and Australia.

Akeneo Product Experience Management Suite Akeneo’s business

Akeneo’s intuitive product experience management (PXM) allows product information to be collected, standardized, contextualized, and ultimately distributed. The PXM solutions allow clients to optimize product data for each channel and territory on an individual basis. All applications are intuitive and user-friendly – perfect even for non-tech-savvy users.

Akeneo itself defines PXM as the “subtle science of creating engaging product experiences” and sees product experience as the “foundation of customer experience”. Of course, the leading PIM provider’s offering is no exception to this.

The Akeneo Product Experience Management Suite comes with the Akeneo PIM, the Akeneo Onboarder as well as the Akeneo Shared Catalogs. The goal: to create a customer experience that is as appealing as it is holistic and that shortens the time-to-market of clients many times over. Time-consuming work with Excel files – or other archaic or complicated tools – is finally a thing of the past. Akeneo’s state-of-the-art PXM approach is: success based around first-rate product data.

Akeneo Open Source PIM

With Akeneo’s in-house PIM system – the Akeneo Open Source PIM – product data can be harmonized and translated centrally. The company’s employees or external suppliers can edit and use this data intuitively and flexibly. This allows Akeneo users to prepare their product content in such a way that it meets the requirements of today’s fast-paced digital market.

Multichannel solutions as flagship: The powerful import and export engine makes it easy to integrate the Akeneo PIM into your existing application landscape. Out-of-the-box interfaces are readily available which allows you to connect numerous e-commerce solutions, such as Magento or Drupal Commerce Prestashop.

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Akeneo Onboarder

Akeneo Onboarder offers a template-based SaaS (Software as a Service) environment. The solution allows retailers and distributors to quickly and easily collect enriched product information from suppliers – without the usual back-and-forth.

With Onboarder, retailers and distributors define the information they need from suppliers. The latter in turn enter their product information. Onboarder uses the same PIM interface and catalog structure to synchronize the data entered by both parties.

This process saves your team the time and effort required for reformatting or converting incoming data. Product data onboarding processes can be accelerated. Suppliers can even suggest new products for you. This leads to a faster time-to-market and higher data quality, as it becomes easier to involve your suppliers in the process of capturing product information.

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Akeneo Shared Catalogs

Akeneo Shared Catalogs helps you improve collaboration with your external and internal stakeholders. The latest product information can be easily shared from the Akeneo PIM via a secure portal. Different stakeholders get exactly the information they need and will no longer bombard you with numerous requests.

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Solutions by Akeneo – USPs

Advantages at a glance

  • well-established PIM system
  • best-of-breed approach
  • high usability
  • open-source and commercial
  • broad portfolio of standard interfaces

What you get from this cooperation Synergies between valantic and Akeneo

To briefly summarize: Customers of the Akeneo Open Source PIM benefit, among other things, from …

  • an improved customer experience,
  • increased sales,
  • higher productivity, and
  • reduced time-to-market.

 The best-of-breed approach allows Akeneo to focus on its core business: PIM. For PIM-related topics, experts are brought in to offer you a comprehensive service portfolio. Coupled with its high usability, you will experience an outstanding PIM solution provided by Akeneo. In this context, valantic acts as a full-service partner for successful Akeneo integrations.

So what unites Akeneo and valantic?

  • a very good technology fit
  • a long-standing partnership and teams that know each other well
  • PIM expertise on the part of valantic as well as a high level of experience with Akeneo integrations
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