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Marketing ROI across all channels

Marketing Cloud

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps transition marketing activities into the 21st century. On a small or large scale. Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, robotics and the Internet of Things are all changing the way customers experience the world and increase the amount and relevance of data. Marketing is not just about marketing anymore. And that’s why Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers what businesses need: a variety of capabilities that drive communications across their lifecycle. Ready to implement?

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Cross-channel marketing with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Swiss army knife of marketing.

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Salesforce marketing cloud

As a cross-channel marketing platform, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud bundles the tasks that would normally require marketing managers, media managers and data analysts. Complete customer journeys with corresponding implementation options on the most important 1:1 channels can be designed directly at strategic flight level in the Marketing Cloud. Depending on your requirements, the following “can openers” can be used if you want to “crack open” highly competitive customer segments:

Audience StudioAudience Studio
Data StudioData Studio
Google Analytics 360Google Analytics 360
Journey BuilderJourney Builder
Interaction StudioInteraction Studio
Email StudioEmail Studio
Mobile StudioMobile Studio
Advertising StudioAdvertising Studio
Social StudioSocial Studio

The best thing about Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Your marketing gets better but no more complex!
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Einstein Marketing Cloud

With all that Salesforce Marketing Cloud brings to the table, the overall Salesforce power behind it is once again critical to the success of this application. Marketing Cloud also has Einstein, the Salesforce AI, built-in. No matter whether you want to acquire new customers, manage existing customer relationships or reward your most loyal customers: The automation and analysis function based on Salesforce Einstein establishes a connection between the most important channels and the optimal offer.

Message, medium, moment – all perfectly aligned; managed in a single application. Marketing automation and data analysis included, of course.
Alone: outstanding.
Together: unstoppable!

The Salesforce universe

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