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Future-readiness Multi-Domain MDM


Syndigo is reshaping the landscape of Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM) with its cloud-native, multi-tenant architecture, redefining the future of Customer Experience (CX). Prioritizing a seamless Product Experience and a "Connected Content" strategy, our main emphasis is on holistic Data Brilliance across multiple data domains. This not only unlocks new potential but delivers genuine added value for your business.

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The Future of MDM CX

With the innovative Multi-Domain MDM solution, there’s a new potential in Data Management to shape the Customer Experience of the future. The MACH approach, coupled with the vision of an ‘Active Content Engine’, offers the capability for workflow-based automations and validations throughout the entire process chain – from content creation, enrichment, distribution, to analysis. Streamline data processes for an efficient and successful future.

Active Content Engine Multi-Domain MDM CX

Dive into the world of Connected Content by seamlessly linking and harmonizing your data across various domains. This facilitates a consistent and targeted customer experience, strengthening brand loyalty and boosting the conversion rate.

Syndigo’s Active Content Engine revolutionizes the digital space with a comprehensive toolset that integrates Product Information Management (PIM), Master Data Management (MDM), Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), Syndication, and Digital Shelf Analytics. From data capture and enrichment to streamlined distribution across diverse platforms and channels, Syndigo is the go-to solution for data management optimization. It’s all driven by a vision of Data Brilliance, turning raw data into actionable insights for sustained value generation.

Active Content Engine

Empowering the e-commerce landscape, the Active Content Engine stands as an all-encompassing, interconnected tool, fueling a relentless stream of data and information to amplify revenue gains across every segment.

Core & Enriched Content

Easily assimilate new content from suppliers or manufacturers, spanning innovative product compilations. Dive into product visuals, detailed descriptions, weights, dimensions, key attributes, niche categories, and insightful company data, all geared to elevate your sales and marketing campaigns.

Data Management & Governance

Unify a plethora of content and data types with PIM and MDM solutions, harmonizing datasets, processes, and domains across products, customers, and locations.

GDSN Content

Ensure the management and adherence to GS1-certified product content, encompassing labels, identification features, images, videos, and nutritional details.

Content Creation

Crafting compelling brand portrayals starts with consistent, high-quality, and accurate product imagery that resonates with your customers and influences their purchasing behaviors.

Syndigo – the USPs

Benefits at a Glance

User Interface Contextualization model Global-/Local concept Cloud-native platform MACH architecture Multi-Tenant ready
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What you gain from this collaboration. Why are companies turning to Syndigo?

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, precise data is paramount. We stand as your trusted partner in shaping the future of data management and crafting exceptional customer experiences.

Businesses turn to Syndigo for a forward-thinking platform experience. Powered by MACH architecture and a flexible framework rooted in a headless approach, an API-first strategy, and the scalability offered by microservices, Syndigo adapts seamlessly to distinct requirements. This not only ensures smooth integration across diverse system landscapes but also establishes efficient end-to-end data processes. By doing so, it guarantees flawless and consistent data management, conserving time and resources, enhancing data quality, and fine-tuning alignment to future market demands.

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