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As the valantic Group, we launched Pimcore in 2009. Now, we are the largest Pimcore agency in German-speaking Europe and have successfully implemented more than 200 Pimcore projects in recent years. Data management with PIM/MDM/DAM and a CDP or experience management with a (headless) DXP and commerce: We know how to get the best out of Pimcore. And the best is truly impressive – you’ll see!

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The leading Pimcore partner in German-speaking Europe

valantic is the leading Pimcore partner in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The recipe for success of the Pimcore Strategic Partner since the very beginning? A sophisticated 360-degree customer experience approach combined with the outstanding possibilities of the Pimcore platform. To date, this formula has led to the successful implementation of more than 200 amazing projects.

In short: Pimcore is THE game changer in digitalization!

We live and breathe Pimcore. Since 2009. Want proof?

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