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More flexibility with Shopware

Shopware is a flexible store system for e-commerce projects – and valantic is the incumbent Shopware "Partner of the Year". Our experience is based on several hundred successfully implemented projects. In addition, we have the highest number of certified Shopware experts. In short, as the largest Shopware Enterprise Partner, we ensure efficient implementation in German-speaking Europe. You’ll be impressed, promise!

Flexible. Scalable. Adaptable. What exactly is Shopware?

Simply put, Shopware is a flexible online store system. The open commerce platform was developed by German developer Stefan Hamann. He founded the company of the same name in 2000. Shortly after, his brother Sebastian Hamann – a designer through and through – followed him into the management of the company.

valantic CX Shopware example with screenshot

So how did the ball start rolling? With the implementation of a self-developed e-commerce solution for a well-known mail order company from Münsterland. The foundation for Shopware, as we know and love it today, was laid. Today, the two founders still run the company from the Schöppingen location in Münsterland. Creating a perfect symbiosis of technology and design has been one of the great strengths of the two brothers to date – and also of Shopware.

Today, Shopware facilitates the implementation of innovative and dynamic e-commerce solutions. Always in focus: the perfect customer experience. For us, taking a holistic view of customer experience is a matter of course. That’s exactly why valantic and Shopware are a great match. Together, we are always one step ahead of the technological future. Perfect for implementing ambitious business ideas and scaling your business – the sky’s the limit!

How exactly does Shopware work? Just how you need it to.

Take a state-of-the-art software architecture and a modern tech stack. The result of this combination is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions in German-speaking Europe. Heck, even beyond that. B2C or B2B, cloud-enabled or headless integration: Shopware can be applied to a wide range of business models. It fits perfectly with the requirements of the mostly medium-sized companies that use Shopware. It boasts a powerful CMS, many standard functionalities, as well as a stable and growing ecosystem that impresses users with plugins for even the most diverse areas of application.

Shopware's strengths

One solution – numerous possibilities

One solution for maximum adaptability: That's exactly what Shopware promises – and it really delivers on that promise. State-of-the-art technologies facilitate impressive growth.

The strengths of the open-source commerce platform include:

Image of an escalator in a modern subway station. Spryker, Shopware
  • state-of-the-art API-first and headless approach
  • strong set of standard features for B2C and B2B
  • powerful CMS for optimal fusion of content and commerce
  • integrated SEO and marketing functionalities
  • flexibly scalable
  • intuitive operation in the administration area
  • cloud-capable or on-premises
  • internationalizable
  • multi-client capable

Shopware in use. The way to a unique brand presence.

Ensure brand recognition – with a memorable and distinctive online store. Shopware offers more flexibility with less complexity. Extensive service is available on demand. Why on demand? The reason is simple: The basic version can be changed and extended as desired. Depending on the budget available, the solution can be customized to an unlimited extent. Our experts at valantic will be happy to advise you on the countless possibilities – and look forward to working with you on your specific project.

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