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Next-level e-commerce

Adobe Commerce Platform

"Expand the Experience." A motto that Adobe consistently follows with its e-commerce platform Adobe Commerce – and which is right in line with valantic's 360-degree customer experience approach. The store system not only offers a feature package for a wide range of requirements. It also boasts the most advanced technologies. Be it headless commerce, comprehensive B2B functionalities or holistic control over your content.

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All in one Tailor-made Adobe Commerce, the right choice

When it comes to the digital success of your business, you’re playing for keeps? That’s good because we at valantic and our partner Adobe also take our ambitious goals very seriously – and the use of Adobe Commerce clearly highlights this. The flexible store system allows you to build an e-commerce infrastructure according to your specific wishes. Because what really counts in the highly competitive market is compatibility and adaptability.

That’s why Adobe Commerce has all the necessary interfaces and can be easily hooked up to any system. Want to connect your SAP ERP, a PIM, or a complete system landscape? Thanks to REST and SOAP interfaces, that’s a piece of cake.

Speaking of adaptability, the desire for more digital options is more pronounced than ever among consumers. With Adobe Commerce, you have a store system that can draw on the full breadth of the Adobe cosmos – far beyond standard e-commerce. Want to see some examples?

The AI-powered search takes search and product placement in your online store to a whole new level. It delivers results in real-time as you type. Plus, you can easily control the selection of results. For instance, to give new products increased attention as part of a campaign.

People love to compare products. No wonder comparison portals on the Internet are so successful. This trend also affects the products in your online store. The only catch is that it’s quite a hassle to create comparison lists in your web shop. In theory. In practice, Adobe Commerce does it for you. Automatically – thanks to artificial intelligence.

Only offering invoice and direct debit as payment methods is completely outdated. Digitalization isn’t driven by cash. The needs of today’s consumers are diverse, and the payment methods they want are equally as diverse. With Adobe Commerce, you can offer any payment method you like. The store system has all major payment providers in its portfolio.

Adobe Commerce is part of the Adobe Experience Cloud. It includes a variety of programs and services specifically designed to create unique customer experiences. It also comes with comprehensive tools for analytics, content, marketing, and commerce.

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The future is here. Where are you? State-of-the-art solution: Adobe Commerce

In addition to an excellent strategy – what do you need for successful e-commerce? That’s right: the courage to try something new in order to stay one step ahead of the competition. With Adobe Commerce and valantic as your partner, you’ll create the perfect foundation for this. Adobe is constantly developing its store software and keeps the technologies it uses always up to date.

An e-commerce platform with multishop functionality and a comprehensive PWA frontend? Absolutely! A lightning-fast online store that can be expanded with new functionalities at any time and runs on any web-enabled device? Yes, please! Adobe Commerce’s tightly knit update agenda makes that a reality. It not only provides you with the necessary updates but also holds new and exciting features in store every time.

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For all those who see companies as customers B2B e-commerce in the best hands

We have already talked about how versatile Adobe Commerce is. Beyond that, this store system boasts a number of other convincing features for B2B companies. It’s true that B2C and B2B markets have become much closer in terms of their processes in the age of digitalization. But there are still areas that are exclusively relevant to and crucial for B2B.

Magento – the original developer of the software behind Adobe Commerce – recognized this early on. That’s why an exclusive B2B functionality was integrated that can be used free of charge by Adobe Commerce customers.

Adobe Commerce business customers benefit from the following features, among others:

B2B e-commerce

It supports CSV uploads. This allows larger orders to be uploaded at once. This speeds up ordering and internal processes.

Multiple accounts with different access rights? No problem thanks to the Company module. Multi-directional teams, in particular, that manage the tool completely independently will find this feature very appealing.

Shopping carts communicate with your customers using the Quotes feature. How does that benefit you? Simple requests such as quantity discounts can be communicated directly. This can greatly reduce the amount of customer support requests placed through your e-commerce platform.

Many business customers manage multiple order processes across different projects. At least, they did until now. With this tool, your customers can create order lists that are directly linked to the product portfolio and shopping cart. This effectively avoids ambiguities.

This feature concerns individual sales catalogs tailored to individual customers. The aim is to define the visibility of certain products.

Create and maintain content directly from the store system The internal CMS Page Builder by Adobe Commerce

You read that right: Gone are the days of external content management systems and service providers. Thanks to the internal CMS Page Builder, you can unleash your creativity regarding text and design – and still always keep an overview and remain in control.

The Page Builder features an intuitive drag & drop system with live view. In other words, you can create a landing page in just a few minutes using your mouse and immediately see what it will look like. There’s no easier way to manage your content.

Wherever there is content, you won’t have to look very far for marketing activities. That’s precisely why content staging was integrated into the Page Builder. This allows content created via the Page Builder to immediately become part of a marketing campaign.

How does that work? For instance, you set release times so that a product landing page goes live right at the start of the summer campaign. Switching seasons in the online store becomes effortless and frictionless – provided you have extensively used content staging and prepared everything. Product launches, marketing campaigns or sales promotions: We’re happy to help you set everything up!

Still not convinced? We’ve summarized how Page Builder makes business easier for you:

  • Real-time preview: Everything you do and change gets displayed in real time. Want to play around and try things out? Go for it!
  • Intuitive drag & drop system: Content such as images or new elements can be dragged to the desired location using the mouse. This allows you to create a new product page in minutes.
  • Standard tools: Many different elements such as banners, sliders or buttons help you to
  • Flexible grid system: You don’t have to adapt your content to the layout. The layout adapts to your content. You can enlarge or shrink columns and elements like media or slides by mouse. All other elements automatically adjust to the new size ratios.
  • Easy media integration: If you have “external” media content for products, wouldn’t it be great to use it in the online store? That’s why Page Builder easily lets you integrate content from YouTube or Vimeo, for example.

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