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Hyvä Theme

Hyvä Theme is an eCommerce solution focused on delivering a high-performance and visually appealing online shopping experience. It emphasizes speed, efficiency, and a streamlined user interface by utilizing modern web technologies.

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About Hyvä Theme

Hyvä Theme presents a logical choice over headless/PWA options, utilizing Magento’s native PHP-templating framework. The approach involves reconstructing the entire frontend to maintain simplicity at its core.

Hyvä impressively required only 2 JS/CSS files, totaling a mere 0.2 megabytes!

This reduction in code not only cuts down on complexity but also enhances the ease and enjoyment of development.


Performance Optimization

Hyvä is engineered to provide fast loading times for online stores, ensuring a smooth and responsive customer experience.

Modern Frontend Design

It adopts a minimalist approach to design, using contemporary tools to create clean and attractive web pages.

Tailwind CSS Integration

Hyvä incorporates Tailwind CSS, a utility-first framework that allows for rapid styling while keeping the website's footprint light.


The solution is built with ease of development in mind, simplifying the process of building and customizing online stores.

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Full Compatibility with Adobe Commerce

Hyvä seamlessly integrates with the complete suite of Adobe Commerce functionalities, delivering superior performance compared to any other options available. Additionally, you’ll benefit from regular updates and consistent support for the product, keeping it current with the latest releases from Adobe Commerce. Allow us to assist you in constructing your Hyvä storefront.

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