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SAP Upscale Commerce

For serious e-commerce, a shift to fully digitalized processes is crucial. However, not every company has the structure, manpower, or financial resources for robust systems. SAP Upscale Commerce offers an ideal solution for swiftly and securely initiating an online platform.

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Why SAP Upscale Commerce?

Nothing works without e-commerce

Companies, including those in B2B, that really want to get to know their customers today cannot get around the topic of e-commerce. This is the only way to have direct customer contact and the possibility to permanently assess one’s end consumers. In addition, the digital environment opens up the possibility for companies to offer their entire portfolio under their control. In short, e-commerce is pure digitalization.

What role does SAP Upscale Commerce play in this context? The focus of this solution is on simple B2C scenarios. Thanks to a mobile-first approach and the microservice and API approach, it also offers a state-of-the-art architecture. That’s why, at valantic, we recommend SAP Upscale Commerce primarily to small and medium-sized companies that want to go live quickly.

All advantages at a glance What are the benefits of SAP Upscale Commerce?

The advantages of SAP Upscale Commerce are:

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Who uses SAP Upscale Commerce?

Different usage scenarios

The following scenarios lend themselves to the use of SAP Upscale Commerce:

  • A fast go-live and/or low effort are the main focus.
  • Pop-up stores: You want to quickly go live with a store for a few products.
  • PoC (proof of concept): Before you invest a lot of money in a high-performance, flexible solution, you would like to test the market first.


SAP Upscale Commerce, on the other hand, is not suitable for the usually more complex B2B scenarios or when you need to establish a high-performance, yet flexible system. In that case, we recommend you go with the SAP Commerce Cloud. This solution enables a consistent brand presence and user experience across all touchpoints.

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SAP Upscale Commerce at valantic

The goal: a customized e-commerce system

No matter which system you choose: Always make sure that you align every solution with your end customers! Because only if you offer them the best possible shopping experience will consumers become true fans: They will develop a close relationship with your brand and recommend your store to others.

At valantic, we emphasize this time and again, and that’s why we think about every system from the perspective of the end customer. How do we achieve this? With a CX check workshop, in which we get to the bottom of your respective status quo – your starting point. Then we start designing your customized e-commerce system.

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