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Performance Management

Avoid production breakdowns and additional costs with optimal delivery performance

Performance means stabilizing your company’s performance at the critical moment. We achieve this by combining quick-to-use tools with our extensive experience. We use our analysis methods to identify weak points in operational processes and identify best-practice solutions. Our expertise covers all planning and operational processes along the value stream and the associated supply chains. Our consultants are implementation experts and will help you minimize risks with tried and tested measures.

Stabilization of the supply chain (Task Force)

Express solution for demand planning and allocation

Shopfloor management

Performance analysis


Stabilization of the supply chain (Task Force)

Escalation and crisis management

A complex global supply chain and associated cost pressures create material supply risks. Lack of transparency and fragile processes are just some of the main causes of unstable supply chains. In such cases, immediate action is required to ensure delivery performance, maintain customer satisfaction, and minimize follow-up costs.

In bottleneck and crisis situations, it is a major challenge to continuously manage the supply chain. In particular, this means stabilizing processes and ensuring permanent transparency of performance. valantic helps its customers solve acute crises in the supply chain. Our team of consultants is made up of experts with many years of project experience and can be on site and ready to go on short notice. We also create the necessary process transparency and develop individual measures. We then assist with the implementation for the fastest possible success. This, combined with professional communication and moderation methods, ensures rapid and economically sustainable stabilization.

Good risk and crisis management ensures that you do not fall into the void at the crucial moment. The combination of many years of experience and standardized tools makes for rapid results and makes us a reliable partner in difficult situations.

Opaque and vulnerable supply chain processes are the main cause of unstable supply chains. In such cases, immediate action is required to ensure delivery performance, maintain customer satisfaction, and minimize follow-up costs.

Express solution for demand planning and allocation

Intelligent distribution of limited resources

The scarcity of semiconductors, granules, and steel is a current example of unforeseen shortages of raw materials and material bottlenecks. Other causes, such as environmental influences, resource and capacity bottlenecks, not to mention vulnerable planning processes, exacerbate the crises. These influences lead to an undersupply and in the worst case, production downtimes. In these cases, either focused procurement and production planning or a material allocation is essential for increasing criticality. This means a targeted and central distribution of scarce resources among the respective consumers.

Depending on demand, procurement or production planning and medium-term rough planning are taken over in the short term. The allocation of bottleneck materials is controlled precisely with our tool, taking into account all planning assumptions. Both solutions can also be implemented outside the ERP system. We offer valantic’s own Rapid Solutions as a temporary solution for a limited period of time.

Shopfloor Management Inspection

Analysis and optimisation "on the floor"

Product launches, volume changes, and new projects require an adaptation of the company’s existing processes. Due to the changed framework conditions, these are no longer perfectly coordinated. The requirements of the stakeholders involved often result in conflicts of goals. These influences reinforce structural problems and prevent efficient workflows. valantic conducts a standardized shop floor management inspection (SFMI) to analyze and improve shop floor processes and their interfaces.

A three-stage process has proved its worth here. First of all, all current shop floor processes are analyzed and evaluated in order to show the deviations from the target states. Based on these results, measures are defined, scheduled, and combined to form an overall concept. In the final step, this will be rolled out after a successful pilot launch in the various areas. The qualification and training of the employees during the rollout ensure sustainable added value.

In addition to meeting the requirements, valantic also demonstrates a successful shop floor management project with the successful involvement of all stakeholders.

Performance analysis

Preventively minimise risks in the supply

In times of global supply chains, falling inventories, and simultaneously increasing demand, transparency and supply reliability ensure a company’s success more than ever before.

It is critical that processes along the supply chain be of high quality. In order to be able to assess this quality as precisely and realistically as possible, valantic offers a standardized methodology in the form of our performance analysis.
The performance analysis is the analysis and evaluation of personnel, process, communication, and method competencies in the supply chain with the aim of making the operational processes of one or more companies efficient and sustainable. With the help of the standardized procedure, these competencies are tested for their quality and suitable measures are derived with customers and stakeholders.

The performance analysis methodology provides transparency about the strengths and weaknesses of the operational processes along the supply chain. It enables early identification of delivery reliability risks. We will help you implement the resulting packages of measures in order to further increase performance and minimize the weak points.

With a performance analysis, companies gain transparency about the strengths and weaknesses of the operational processes along the supply chain.

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