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Automotive Software Solutions

The use of powerful automotive software is essential to mastering the challenges of the automotive industry.

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Automotive Software- & Technology Solutions

Developing technologies for tomorrow’s mobility

Automotive Software is playing an ever-increasing role in the individual customer’s mobility experience. Terms such as “software-defined vehicles” and “software-defined customer experience” are commonly mentioned. Customers have come to expect seamless interaction between a vehicle’s software functions – some of them deeply integrated – and the vehicle itself, just as they do with other products. For the automotive industry, this paradigm shift is posing serious challenges that can only be tackled with the necessary expertise and foresight.

Current trends such as electrification, integration into customer-specific ecosystems, and (partially) autonomous driving have not only made for a more challenging environment for automotive OEMs, suppliers, and service providers but also resulted in enormous vehicle complexity.

This is where the automotive consultants of the software- and technology-native consulting and implementation partner, valantic, come into play. Our extensive knowledge of wide-ranging industries – such as automotive, fintech, life sciences, and others – allows us to bundle relevant innovations for our automotive software portfolio and adapt them to the relevant industry, and has also helped us evolve into an E2E supplier for mobility customers.

Deeply integrated SW solutions and connected services

Autonomous driving: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are the foundation for (partially) autonomous driving. They are based on sensor technologies and form the bridge between situational environment recognition and vehicle control. As a vehicle’s capabilities transition from assisted driving, through piloted driving to fully autonomous driving, the number of sensors increases astronomically. Today’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems require the necessary implementation expertise to integrate all of the sensor data received from the camera, radar, LiDAR, and ultrasound, and to design and realize the algorithms and control software with the necessary decision-making capabilities.

valantic is a leader in software-based development and validation in the automotive sector and offers its expertise in the implementation of complex ADAS systems. Our automotive experts have many years of experience in this highly specialized field, enabling us to develop reliable and safe solutions for our customers.

Automotive Software Solutions | Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
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Autonomous driving: Electronic Control Unit (ECU) technologies

valantic accompanies its customers throughout the development process of their ECU (Electronic Control Unit) software. Our services include:

  • Specification of the requirements and their engineering
  • Software development & validation
  • Software integration
  • System verification and
  • Lifecycle management.

Our services cover the development and maintenance of software for individual ECUs as well as for High Performance Controllers (HPCs). We also specialize in developing the software both for the application- and the platform-software layers, including Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR. Where system updates are involved, we offer extensive update expertise ranging from conventional bootloaders to over-the-air (OTA) technologies.

Our solutions for New Mobility

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Our solutions for New Mobility

Electrification and e-mobility play a crucial role in tackling the climate crisis. Electrification is affecting every type of vehicle – from conventional cars, commercial vehicles, and buses, to agricultural machinery and construction site vehicles. Three key factors are crucial to the success of e-mobility: the generation of green electrical power, a high-performance charging infrastructure, and powerful battery systems.

valantic specializes in technological and functional consulting for e-mobility and electrification, and has in-depth knowledge of the fundamental technologies and processes. Our e-mobility portfolio includes building digital services – such as designing, developing, and operating e-mobility solutions for Mobility Service Providers (MSP) and Chart Point Operators (CPO) – the cloud-native development and operation of backends, frontends, and apps, and developing battery management systems.

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End-to-End Connected Services

Today’s end customers expect service levels tailored to their individual needs. For automotive services to have a “wow” effect, and also to contribute to the manufacturer’s long-term economic success, a number of key questions already have to be answered in the initial development phase:

  • Is the underlying technology future-proof?
  • Does the solution create added value for customers?
  • Can the envisaged service be integrated cleanly into legacy systems?
  • Does the existing system environment have to be modified to accommodate the service or service portfolio and how can it be ensured that this, in turn, can be integrated cleanly into the legacy hard- and software ecosystems?

valantic’s consultants work closely with their customers to answer and resolve these and many other questions to ensure the successful conclusion of our holistic, partnership-based development service.

valantic’s made-to-measure solutions already enthrall numerous customers worldwide.

Particularly noteworthy use cases are:

  • End-to-end automotive charging services
  • End-to-end integration of charging infrastructures
  • Deeply integrated infotainment services such as music services
  • Payment solutions
  • Predictive/real-time surveillance and maintenance solutions
  • and many more…

Connected Car Solutions

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Vehicle networking and connected cars

Hundreds of networked sensors and newly developed High Performance Computers (HPCs) combined with advanced telecommunications standards such as 5G, 5G+ and 6G open up entirely new possibilities for using vehicle information in real-time.

This data can be useful for drivers as well as for a wide range of business models. It provides the basis for an optimized driving experience, autonomous driving, and for exchanging information with other road users and the surrounding infrastructure. Connectivity, safety, and function development and integration within Vehicle2X applications are thus key factors for further development.

valantic specializes in developing deeply integrated functions that access all the necessary sensors and control units in the vehicle.

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Automotive Software Security

New technologies such as connected vehicles, smart mobility, and autonomous driving have led to a sharp increase in the number of services and user experiences. These new offerings, however, also go hand in hand with a range of security risks that need to be addressed.

Safety-compliant systems have unique requirements that shape the supply chain from start to finish. For this reason, valantic strives to continuously improve its technologies and solutions to ensure that these best meet its customers’ needs. We also help companies follow a long-term software security strategy so that seamlessly integrated vehicle systems meet customer expectations and contribute to the further improvement of a safe and holistic mobility concept.

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Automotive data analytics and engineering

Measurement data management systems belong to the backbone of product development processes in the automotive industry. They are principally used to secure and reliably document development results, as well as to analyze problems. Our Big Data platforms and AI applications offer new solutions for preparing, storing, searching through, and analyzing soaring amounts of measurement data.

As early as 2009, we started working with our customers on collecting, processing, and analyzing data relevant to autonomous driving. Our expertise ranges from the generation, retrieval, transmission, and storage to the evaluation and interpretation of measurement data. With its know-how, valantic ensures that automotive companies and suppliers receive the information they need for their specific use cases: from the development of custom KPIs to the realization of monitoring dashboards.

valantic is proud to offer its customers not just theoretical concepts, but also methodologies and solutions proven in research and customer projects. Our hands-on expertise forms the basis for data monetization, data-based product improvement, predictive maintenance, and much more.

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Future Mobility Strategy

valantic’s extensive technological know-how is the key to researching, conceptualizing, and developing innovative mobility solutions for its automotive customers. These have come to appreciate our experience in the areas of electrification, shared mobility, autonomous driving, and the associated architecture strategy, and now turn to us as their number one strategic partner in these fields.

Our broad consulting know-how and curiosity can also help you shape your mobility offering of the future. Why not contact us? Our seasoned experts would be happy to help you!

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