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Companies have to find, recruit and optimally support highly qualified specialists in order to retain them over the long term. The shortage of skilled employees is just one of vast number of challenges that needs to be overcome. The know-how, expertise and enthusiasm of employees have a direct impact on a company’s revenues and are a business’s most valuable asset. If their employees feel good, so will their customers.

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Roadmap for successfully preparing for your HR transformation

Roadmap for successfully preparing for your HR transformation

Promote your most valuable asset – your employees: Roadmap for successfully preparing your HR transformation by valantic people.

The three components for a future-oriented HR transformation


Processes and IT systems

Human Resources Management

  1. 1

    Employees – your most valuable asset

    Employees want to be valued and listened to. 71 percent emphasize that open communication with managers has an “extremely high” impact on their job satisfaction. Hierarchies are a thing of the past – today’s paradigm is New Work. This also includes state-of-the-art technologies that enable employees to perform their tasks quickly, productively and efficiently. One third of employees would not hesitate to leave the company if the IT tools they use are too antiquated, too cumbersome or too slow (source: Uncovering the positive drivers of employee experience. Ultimate Software and The Center of generational kinetics).

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    Processes and IT systems – your most important enabler

    The digital workplace and internal communications have always been crucial and have received another huge impulse in terms of relevance under Corona (Survey: Corona Redefines IT Priorities, valantic). Offer your employees a working environment which, also technologically, allows them to develop their talents to the fullest and make the maximum possible contribution to the company’s success.

    Key components include a long-term IT strategy and IT ecosystem that precisely aligns business, IT and HR and supports optimization of your processes. IT strategy consulting from valantic will help your company to masterfully overcome these challenges – both present and future.

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    HR management – Your strategic business partner

    The shortage of skilled employees and highly qualified, self-confident generation of digital natives place considerable demands on HR management in companies. What is needed is a bespoke employee experience – from recruiting and onboarding to career planning, further training and flexible work arrangements – aligned with a modern IT solution and the company’s goals. An HR transformation with the components Onboarding, Learning and Communications creates the necessary conditions for this.

    HR management, however, often lacks the time for higher-value and strategically relevant HR tasks, being disproportionately involved with routine tasks and standard activities – primarily due to a lack of process automation and IT HR tools. The biggest time wasters in day-to-day HR work include: Preparing and editing documents (65%), managing and analyzing data (50%), and handling inquiries (42%). Communication with employees, management, strategic HR development and talent management often fall by the wayside.

    These deficits can seriously endanger your long-term business success and the reasons for them often lie in a suboptimal HR strategy (source: HR Study 2020: The Digitalization of Human Resources, forcont gmbh and University of Halle-Wittenberg).

The perfect match: Your HR strategy + Our IT know-how

HR managers can only master the challenges of New Work successfully if all three building blocks are taken into account: Employees, processes / IT systems and HR. This is not easy, but a great  solution is at hand: A state-of-the-art, integrative, employee-centric HR IT management that combines all of the advantages. Only then will HR become a success driver in your company that sets you apart from the competition and generates the maximum possible value add.

valantic people accompanies your company on its successful path through the digital HR transformation from start to finish. The HR IT strategy consulting prepares you for the transformation of your IT ecosystem, offering three service packages tailored to your individual business goals: 

  1. 1

    Get Ready / vHR Roadmap

    This service package transforms the digital vision – developed together with you – into a solution-specific strategic roadmap with the aim of offering your employees an optimal employee experience across all phases of the employment lifecycle.

    Starting with a digital maturity test, valantic people uses the results of this to develops an HR solution strategy that will help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible. Get Ready offers immense expertise at a moderate cost. At the end of our discourse, the results are summarized in recommendations for action, based on our best practices. 

  2. 2

    Accelerate / vHR-Plan

    The Accelerate service package concretizes your HR strategy granularly through detailed implementation scenarios. This includes resource planning, and precise cost and effort estimates with the goals of optimal resource deployment and convincing all key stakeholders. Also included in the package are a training concept, several workshops with the specialist divisions and communication with all stakeholders.

  3. 3

    Validate / vHR-RfP

    valantic people defines the requirements together with you, uses agile methodologies to provide subject-matter support throughout the requirements process and ensures that the IT and business goals are perfectly aligned with each other.

Each of the three service packages contains a closing report with concrete proposals for action. The closing report can serve as a decision-making basis for the company’s board of directors and committees. It contains sound arguments for convincing all stakeholders of your HR project’s many benefits.

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