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For a 360-degree view of the customer

SAP Sales Cloud

Always keeping an eye on your customers and all their needs. From a holistic perspective. For us, the SAP Sales Cloud is a comprehensive CRM solution for optimum sales support. Learn more about its various functionalities and concrete benefits – but also why valantic is the perfect partner for efficient customer relationship management (CRM) with the SAP Sales Cloud.

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Ideal support for digitalized sales: What exactly is the SAP Sales Cloud?

In a nutshell, the SAP Sales Cloud (formerly SAP Hybris, Cloud for Customer, C4C) is a cloud-based CRM solution. It helps companies to act faster and more efficiently, become more relevant, be present, and sell more.

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To this end, the SAP Sales Cloud connects various processes along the entire value chain. It thus becomes the central system for all relevant data, activities and measures of digitally supported sales. The result: a uniform and comprehensive view of the end customer.

Good to know: The SAP Sales Cloud can be seamlessly integrated with other SAP CX Solutions products such as the SAP Analytics Cloud or SAP ERP. Integration with non-SAP applications is possible as well.

What are the benefits of the SAP Sales Cloud?

Benefits for sales & end customers

Let’s start with a few facts (source: SAP):

  • 50 % of customers have already made purchase decisions before they come into contact with the sales department.
  • Up to 90 % of B2B buyers deviate from traditional buying behavior.
  • Over 73 % of consumers want a personalized shopping experience.


What do these numbers tell us? That new ways are needed to engage end customers. And that customer relationship management (CRM) has become a key tool for business success. 35 % more revenue and 119 % pipeline growth are compelling numbers from SAP that underscore this statement – and illustrate how using the SAP Sales Cloud can benefit your business.

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Benefits for the sales department

Understand, engage, deliver – and do it all with one system. The integrated approach of the SAP Sales Cloud benefits your sales force in a number of ways:

  • maximized customer lifetime value
  • more efficient forecasts and analyses through optimal evaluation of all data
  • more up- and cross-selling opportunities
  • stronger networking for collaboration within the team but also with customer companies
  • high user acceptance
  • greater customer satisfaction
  • increased sales
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Benefits for the end customer

How do end customers benefit from the SAP Sales Cloud? There are many impressive advantages, including:

  • more in-depth support from sales staff, who become “trusted advisors”
  • personalized, i.e. precisely tailored offers (configure price quote)
  • acceleration of the buying process – among other things, through better and faster communication


All in all, the SAP Sales Cloud offers your customers an improved customer experience with significant added value.

What functionalities does the SAP Sales Cloud come with?

Concentrated power for optimal customer service

  • cloud deployment
    If you work with the desktop version of the SAP Sales Cloud, you don’t need your own hardware. Quarterly automatic updates ensure that the CRM system is always up to date.
  • pipeline and forecast management
    Evaluations are generated in real time and displayed graphically on an individual basis. This saves time and shortens the sales cycle.
  • quote generation and pricing
    For complex products with many configuration options, SAP CPQ can be seamlessly integrated into the SAP Sales Cloud.
  • optimized mobile use – both on and offline
  • sales automation
    There are various ways to automate sales with the SAP Sales Cloud. These include, for instance, price recommendations, up- and cross-selling recommendations, or performance histories.
  • incentives and rewards for sales reps


Sounds great, but does it work? Our reference projects provide a clear answer to that.

Nahaufnahme von einer Dart-Zielscheibe: Customer Experience

Because we love challenges Intelligent sales with the SAP Sales Cloud

Artificial intelligence and automation are also increasingly being used in digitalized sales – and valantic has been following this development for some time now. The trend is gradually going away from gut feeling to so-called intelligent sales.

Why are we telling you this? The SAP Sales Cloud offers quite a few possibilities in this area. It is capable of doing more than a “simple” CRM can. It boasts integrated intelligences and automated processes through machine learning functionalities, for example. This includes “deal and lead intelligence” or forecasts.

The big advantage: This saves sales staff valuable time that they would otherwise have needed for manual evaluation. In addition, they can rely on tangible data and facts – dependably processed by the system. SAP Sales Cloud Intelligence thus creates better insights, transparency and structure in all your sales processes.

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Insights into different industries SAP Sales Cloud: special topics

Retail execution, route optimization or property management: The SAP Sales Cloud can be used to digitally support various sales tasks.

Retail execution & route optimization

At valantic, we are convinced: Intelligent applications significantly drive the transformation of your sales management. For example, SAP Sales Cloud Retail Execution supports the planning, execution and analysis of all activities in stationary retail:

The first step involves efficient visit planning and preparation using clear map and calendar views as well as configurable activity plans. Our tip: the valantic app for route optimization. This easy-to-integrate add-on helps to make the daily work of field staff as efficient as possible. Optimized visit route plans are created at the push of a button, taking into account all relevant limitations at all times – such as possible absences or cancellations. The integration of route planning in the SAP Sales Cloud thus increases active sales time with customers.

SAP Sales Cloud Retail Execution ensures that store visits are optimally structured. Orders are taken directly, tasks and surveys can be completed during the visit – online and offline, via a mobile device. Where, how and in which quantity should products be showcased? This question can be answered thanks to the 360-degree view of the store.

After planning and execution, the analysis and evaluation of the information obtained is crucial. Using the Store Monitoring key figures, it is possible to check whether the sales measures are successful and contribute to increased sales. How successful are sales in which store, and where is there potential for improvement? You can find out with store scoring. This intelligent support allows you to derive measures for future visits.

Find out more about SAP Sales Cloud Retail Execution:

Property management

valantic property management is a strategic sales tool – and a further development of the SAP Sales Cloud for the specific requirements of the construction industry. It is based on SAP Standard and can be extended as needed to meet individual requirements.

The life cycle of long-term projects or existing buildings can be tracked and easily documented. Complete documentation and consistent information for all parties involved make it particularly easy to tap revenue potential in the property business. This makes valantic property management the perfect tool for companies that manage properties on a long-term basis:

  • building suppliers (building materials and building trade)
  • construction companies and construction service providers
  • sanitary, heating and air conditioning companies
  • service providers in the property business (facility management)

The most important functionalities and advantages at a glance:

  • on- and offline mobile use
  • 360-degree view of all sales projects through central data management
  • management and documentation of a building project from tendering through construction to modernization, etc.
  • uncovering and exploiting sales potentials
  • fully taking advantage of cross-selling opportunities


You can find more information on valantic property management in the flyer below.

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