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Darknet Monitoring Service

The number of cyberattacks per year is rising continuously and causes millions of euros in damage to affected companies, threatening their existence. With the help of threat intelligence analyses, our experts protect your company, your assets and your data against hackers. Together, we develop a customized package of preventive measures and complement it with an "early warning system" - our darknet monitoring.

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Protect your Company against Cyberattacks Now!

The digital association Bitkom conducts an annual study representative of the economy as a whole, which came to the following conclusions in 2023 (Bitkom Research 2023):

  • Cyber attacks cause damage to 72% of all companies surveyed.
  • 61% of attacks are attributable to perpetrators from organized crime.
  • 8 out of 10 companies state that they have been subject to frequent attacks in the past 12 months.
  • In total, damage amounted to EUR 205.9 billion, which accounts for almost three quarters of the total damage incurred in 2023.

In addition, data theft also causes further financial damage to private individuals (e.g. employees and customers).

Assessment of the Current Situation

Why companies should take action

Silent threat to existence

Cyberattacks threaten the existence of companies, for e.g. by stopping production, deliveries, payments, access to own systems or data.

Damage caused by published data

In addition to the financial impact, there is also damage caused by the publication of internal data, such as intellectual property, business secrets of partners, confidential data of natural persons, etc.

Professionalisation of hackers

Increasing professionalisation of hackers – keywords: modularisation and division of labour.

Increasing IT security is essential

The continuous enhancement of IT security and the improvement of user awareness is essential in order to reduce the risk of a major incident.

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Bring Light into the Darkness

What can companies do to stay one step ahead of hackers?

About 95% of the internet is “hidden”. Hackers use the darknet for their businesses, for example by selling credentials to companies and other precious information (identities, IDs, e-mail access, etc.).

The knowledge of the existence of personal data on the Darknet allows appropriate (timely) reactions, e.g. closing security gaps, changing login credentials and involving authorities. The architecture of the darknet makes automated searches impossible, which is why only a combination of state-of-the-art technology and experienced experts can enable efficient, comprehensive and permanent monitoring.

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Our Darknet Monitoring Service

State-of-the-art technology and many years of expertise combined

The stakes are high for our customers. Our partner CrowdStrike is one of the market leaders in the area of information and cyber security (e.g. Gartner, Forrester etc.). We use CrowdStrike Falcon technology, which was previously only available to big corporations. It gives us access to raw data directly from the surface, deep and darknet – both historical and real-time data!

We process this data with all our experience from over 30 years as a trusted advisor, data protection specialist, breach coach and cyber researcher in order to gain timely indications of upcoming or past breaches. Depending on the severity, these lead to direct interaction with our customers’ in-house specialists in accordance with a coordinated process.

This allows companies to gain valuable time to react!

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Threat Intelligence Analysis as a Game Changer

A realistic assessment of the current threat situation

Our monitoring solutions for relevant data on the darknet not only use automated standard rules, but also integrate threat intelligence analyses.

In these open source intelligence analyses, our experts assume the position of potential attackers and use publicly available information, to identify vulnerabilities that would normally go unnoticed. This makes the set of rules more flexible and continuously adapts them to the specific threats and requirements of the company. Finally, based on the data collected, we identify the assets that need additional protection and develop customized solutions that enable our customers to establish a comprehensive and holistic security strategy.

By realistically assessing the current threat situation, we are able to develop both reactive and proactive defense strategies together with our customers in order to detect potential attacks at an early stage and defend against them in a targeted manner.

Recovery of Marc O'Polo after a Cyber Attack

What exactly should be done if the cyberattack becomes a reality?

Not long ago, our customer Marc O’Polo SE was targeted by a far-reaching cyberattack. All relevant systems, including the back-ups stored for precisely this type of emergency, were encrypted by the attackers despite the state-of-the-art data centre.

In our video success story, Dr Patric Spethmann, COO of Marc O’Polo SE, and Albert Fetsch, Group Manager Corporate Communications & Public Affairs, report on the consequences of the cyber attack and how they worked together with our Managing Director and IT security expert Thomas Lang and his team to restore all compromised systems in a targeted manner and minimise the corresponding security risks in the long term.

What We Offer You

An overview

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Our Services

Our experts secure you a real competitive advantage

  • Monitoring of relevant features (company names, brand names, VIP,
    bank details, IP addresses, domains, etc.) and Threat Intelligence analysis
  • Immediate information about relevant findings
  • Recommendation on possible response measures (e.g. use IOCs, use the killchain to understand where the hacker is currently located, change credentials, switch off acesses, inform authorities, etc.)
  • Monthly reporting on general trends and threats – highly relevant for C-level and IT management
  • Transmission of IOC (monthly or asap – in the event of a corresponding risk situation)
  • Transmission of further information, e.g. profiles of hacker groups, as required
  • Quarterly jour fixe calls with the responsible employees at your organisation
  • Two meetings per year to present the latest findings, general developments and discussion with the company management, the advisory board, etc.

What's important for you...

Damages running into millions

Cyber attacks are increasing dramatically and causing millions in damage, making them one of the biggest business risks worldwide (Allianz Risk Barometer 2024).

The use of the darknet

The darknet is becoming increasingly relevant for hackers, as it is a source of valuable information of companies and private individuals. Knowledge of the existence of personal data on the darknet enables a prompt response.

Keeping an eye on the danger

By combining monitoring activities and Threat Intelligence analyses, we can react quickly and flexibly to specific risks and develop a comprehensive security strategy that includes both reactive and proactive defense measures.

Active protection

Big corporations have been using this tool for years. Now SMEs can also actively protect themselves against ransomware and other attacks!

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