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ESG reporting as an opportunity for your company. valantic simplifies your sustainability reporting and strengthens your corporate governance. Discover how to effectively integrate ESG principles into your business strategy and meet regulatory requirements.

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Sustainability redefined: Your ESG Success with valantic

In an era where sustainable action is demanded by legislators, customers, employees, and investors alike, valantic opens new perspectives for your company in the area of Digital Strategy & Analytics. We understand the increasing pressure, especially on privately held companies, and offer a tailor-made solution for SMEs and family businesses with our specially developed ESG Performance Management Framework.

Our comprehensive experience from numerous consulting projects is incorporated into a consultancy that is not only focused on compliance but also on establishing sustainability as an integral part of your corporate strategy. With valantic, you choose a partner who guides you through the complex challenges of ESG reporting and helps you not only to overcome the significant changes of the coming years but to use them as an opportunity for growth and innovation.

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Future-proof ESG Reporting: Your guide through the sustainability jungle

In a world where sustainability is no longer just a buzzword but a critical competitive factor, valantic stands by your side. We navigate you through the complex requirements of ESG reporting, clarifying who is affected and what this specifically means for your finance department.

With our expertise, you seamlessly integrate ESG reporting into your existing processes, always keeping an eye on the latest regulatory expectations. Our series of interviews with subject matter experts not only provides definitions and insights but also practical recommendations to future-proof your company. Rely on valantic to understand the ESG requirements of tomorrow and to master them with a professional software solution that ensures automation and auditability.

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Sustainability Assessment with foresight: valantic as your ESG strategist

The expectations placed on companies regarding ecological and social responsibility are reaching new heights. valantic stands by your side as a strategic partner to not only tackle these challenges but to transform them into opportunities. We help you anticipate ESG requirements and meet them with an advanced software solution that allows for largely automated and auditable reporting.

Our experts have gained profound insights into ESG reporting. With valantic, you receive not only answers to your questions but also clear guidance for integrating ESG principles into your corporate strategy to secure sustainable success.

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ESG Performance Management

ESG reporting and performance management often pose complex challenges for SMEs and family businesses. valantic’s ESG Performance Management Framework transforms this complexity into clarity by dividing the subject into six tangible dimensions: Management approach, content, processes, tools & technology, organization & governance, and people. This comprehensive framework helps companies establish a holistic ESG corporate governance and meet regulatory requirements such as the CSRD and EU Taxonomy Directive.

Discover how valantic’s approach can seamlessly integrate ESG principles into your business strategy while simultaneously promoting transparency and responsibility within your company.

More from the area of CPM and Digital Finance

Do you want to optimize your financial processes, enhance your corporate performance, and benefit from digital transformation? Then valantic is the right place for you. We offer you smart processes, relevant content, and progressive technologies that improve the control foundation in your company and make it accessible to all relevant stakeholders.

With our solutions, you receive valuable insights that help you measurably increase your performance and grow sustainably. Let’s shape the future of the financial world together.

Learn more about Digital Finance and CPM at valantic.

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Customized ESG Strategy Development

With valantic, you develop not just a vision for your sustainable future but also concretely implement it. We accompany you from the initial idea to realization, involve key stakeholders, and define precise environmental and social KPIs for clear management. Our jointly developed roadmap is your guide to carbon neutrality, helping you achieve your sustainability goals effectively and purposefully.

Integrated ESG Performance Management

Discover with valantic an ESG Performance Management solution specifically designed for the requirements of the CSRD. We offer not just CSRD-compliant reporting but also comprehensive corporate governance. Our aim is to provide you with an auditable detailed concept and a prototype for implementation, so you can fully and confidently manage your ESG obligations.

Digital EU Taxonomy Classification

With valantic’s innovative app-based approach, classifying your economic activities according to the EU Taxonomy Directive becomes straightforward. We offer a collaborative, fully digitalized solution that you and your team can use directly on-site on tablets. This convenience enables quick and easy classification, making your sustainability assessment efficient and user-friendly.

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