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Pharmaceutical companies in the age of digitalization

MicroStrategy provides pharmaceutical companies with effortless access to business intelligence through the innovative HyperIntelligence technology. Thanks to “Zero Click”, information is automatically integrated into the daily work routine, without manual interactions. This solution provides fast, accurate access to critical data, boosts responsiveness to market changes and strengthens strategic decision-making.

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With HyperIntelligence, MicroStrategy makes advanced analytics accessible to everyone - easily and quickly, thanks to zero-click intelligence

Try the HyperCards directly by activating the button and moving the mouse over the highlighted terms in the text.

Do your sales teams still take too much time to gather and prepare all the information about the customer journey from various CRM systems and confusing Excel spreadsheets?

Does this leave them little time to think about the next sales campaigns and are they reliably based on data-driven information in real time?

Would it also be a massive gain for every sales person if they were able to display information at short notice on their mobile phones and also in offline mode on the way to their next appointment – information including like the side effects of a drug or recommendations for next best actions based on the customer’s history?

If the answer to all these questions is a clear “yes,” then HyperIntelligence will soon become indispensable at your company! Learn more about how companies use this technology to make a strong move in the age of digitalization.

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Conventional analytics tools take too long and require too many clicks from trained users to answer simple questions immediately. With HyperIntelligence, you put analytics at your sales teams’ fingertips, and there is no more time-consuming searching for information – instead, the information finds each salesperson when they mouse over individual terms.

HyperIntelligence automatically scans texts for each salesperson by keywords, names, or phrases; it combines information from a wide variety of systems and presents the answers to questions clearly on intelligent HyperCards with just one mouse-click. Important customer information about Dr. Michael Bennet, such as the most frequently sold drugs, upselling/cross-selling potential, and the next best actions, are summarized clearly using predefined KPIs and embedded in familiar tools such as Salesforce, Microsoft Office, and other external websites, ones that all employees already use in their daily work.

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Every salesperson can store the HyperCards relevant to them, share them with others via Android, iOS, or the web, or simply call up them on the go via mobile applications, in order to quickly recall all the essential price and life cycle information immediately about the drug Alkindi before the next appointment. 

Your sales teams will be able to make smarter and faster decisions in seconds, resulting in easier collaboration, increased productivity, and improved customer service.

Are you intrigued? Then watch our on-demand webinar from MicroStrategy and valantic or contact us for a live demonstration and further information!

Success Story

Powerful innovation concept Lean BI with Emmi and MicroStrategy

The project is divided into two phases: Phase 1 with the new ERP Infor M3, new DWH and central reporting based on MicroStrategy went into productive use very quickly in February 2021. Phase 2, which came directly after that, includes the remaining reporting and the conversion and integration of additional local branch offices.

Overview: Switch to an innovative DWH automation and analytics platform

  • Lean BI with advanced analytics
  • Lean ERP with Infor M3
  • Implementation of a new DWH architecture
  • Conversion and optimization of all reporting
  • Specialist departments create new reports more easily, faster, and in a more finely granular fashion
  • Significant time savings in reporting
  • Specialist departments can make better decisions based on daily reports
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Find out how Emmi, in collaboration with valantic, quickly implemented a new data warehouse architecture and optimized reporting and analysis based on MicroStrategy.

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