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Digitalization Services

Current developments in digitalization are happening very fast and are truly fascinating. In the blog category “Digitalization,” we will report on a wide variety of trend topics, including IT consulting and digital transformation strategy, business analytics and predictive analytics, enterprise software development (classic coding, low coding), solutions & services for the telecommunications industry, governance, risk and compliance (GRC), data privacy consulting, and much more.


Image of Giulia Vaccaro, Cyber Researcher in Cyber Security at valantic
Cybersecurity on the Darknet – How do I Become a Professional Hacker?

Giulia Vaccaro lives in Berlin and has been a part of the team at INTARGIA – a valantic company since September 2022. In an interview, she takes us along on her journey to becoming a professional hacker and tells us what the latest cyber security trends are.

Triad Dark Patterns
How dark patterns on websites influence us and what this has to do with data protection

Misleading "cookie" consent banners, complicated and lengthy processes for deleting accounts, or well-hidden privacy settings - such practices can be summarized under the term "dark patterns”. Website operators use these specifically to persuade users to make a decision that they do not actually want to make. But what does all this have to do with data protection? This blog post aims to shed some light on the subject.

Surviving the MarTech Jungle – Data Science: How do I go about it?

Data Science represents an important tool for tapping into the MarTech jungle. We've already taken a look at the Data Science framework, and in this post we'll get an overview of the resources available. Read here.

valantic Customer Focus Days SAP 2022, Digitalization
How Companies Are Shaping Digitalization With SAP S/4HANA

Digitalization is not an end in itself, but creates added value, and fosters innovation and growth. At the Customer Focus Days SAP 2022, experts explained how they are shaping the transformation from a company and consulting perspective.

Technology upgrades as a business opportunity
Technology upgrades as a business opportunity

The struggle is real: The digitalization of the market is advancing rapidly, and companies are forced to keep up with the pace of technological progress. Will digital transformation ever end? We doubt it!

Header | Blog post Digitization of the statutory health insurance funds
The Digitalization of the Statutory Health Insurance Companies

Has digitalization now also reached the statutory health insurance companies in Germany? Our expert for statutory health insurance, Lutz Schedlbauer, Managing Consultant at valantic, has experienced the development of digitalization at health insurance companies first-hand. Here, he gives us a look at what he does everyday.

Picture of Thomas Lang, managing partner at INTARGIA - a valantic company, breach coach and cybersecurity expert, next to it several lines of hexadecimal codes and a person typing on a laptop computer
What does a “breach coach” actually do?

Thomas Lang is a managing partner at INTARGIA – a valantic company. As a so-called "breach coach", he advises companies on what to do following a hacker or ransomware attack and advises on which mistakes to avoid.

Image of laughing people, next to them a smartphone with several infographics and diagrams; SAP Analytics
SAP BW/4HANA or SAP Data Warehouse Cloud?

SAP BW/4HANA or SAP Data Warehouse Cloud or even a combination of both solutions?

You can see the featured image of IBM Cloud Pak for Data with three circles consisting of a laughing woman, a laptop and network cables.
IBM’s AI Business Analytics Platform

A Brief Portrait of IBM's AI Business Analytics Platform: This is what IBM Cloud Pak for Data can do, and companies can reap these benefits and added value quickly, relatively easily, and flexibly.

RISE with SAP Paves the Way to the Cloud for Industrial Enterprises
RISE with SAP Paves the Way to the Cloud for Industrial Enterprises

RISE with SAP lets industrial enterprises progress with their digitization programs without the need for upfront investments. Combined with the support of SAP partners such as valantic, the Business Transformation as a Service portfolio becomes a highly attractive option for SMEs.

Bild eines Roboters, einer Gruppe von diskutierenden Menschen, ein Chatfenster eines Chatbots
A Chatbot on the Test Bench

In our blog contribution, Felix Kopf, Software Engineer and Consultant at valantic, demonstrates what kinds of questions accompany chatbot development and how varied these are.

Featured Image des Blogbeitrages "The Anaplan Way" mit einem Architektur-Hintergrundbild sowie drei Kreisen im Vordergrund. Im ersten Kreis ist ein Mann, der aus dem Fenster schaut, im zweiten ist ein Diagramm und im Dritten sind zwei Monitore zu sehen.
The Anaplan Way: Part 1

In this blog post, we will show you the project management standards to ensure the success of Anaplan projects.

Blogbeitrag Fabian Gersch, valantic Business Analytics Swiss
“Tsüri isch uh schööön!” (“Zurich is beautiful” in Swiss slang)

Find out in this short interview with Fabian Gersch, Consultant at valantic Business Analytics Swiss, why our employees remain loyal to valantic!

Image of people in conversation in front of a planning board with sticky notes, IT architecture consulting – an overview
IT Architecture Consulting

Fit for the future, flexibly adaptable, economical, and safe. That’s everything an IT architecture should ideally be. A strategic development of IT architecture is where it all begins and ends. Learn more about valantic's IT architecture consulting.

Image of Stefan Michaelis, Stefan Michaelis, head of the valantic Telco Solutions & Services GmbH (TSS) business unit; The German Telecommunications Modernization Act
The German Telecommunications Modernization Act (TKG)

The German Telecommunications Modernization Act (TKMG) will enter into force with legally binding effect on December 1, 2021. We spoke to Stefan Michaelis, head of the valantic Telco Solutions & Services GmbH (TSS) business unit, about the realignment and modernization of the TKG and the consequences for so-called over-the-top service providers such as messenger services.

Image of Roland Martinez, Managing Director valantic Telco Solutions & Services, mobile phone, woman on a busy road
“TKG Compliance – Much More Than Just a Legal Issue”

The German Telecommunications Act places high legal demands on providers of telecommunications and Internet services when it comes to cooperating with investigative authorities and implementing the prescribed TKG compliance. We spoke to Roland Martinez, Managing Director at valantic, about his motivation for tackling what, at first glance, might appear to be a rather stodgy topic, and why TKG compliance is much more than just a legal issue.

Titelbild des Blogbeitrages IBM Cognos Analytics 11.2 bestehend aus drei Bildern: Meetingsituation, Webseitenansicht IBM Cognos Analytics und ein Mann, der ein Formular unterschreibt.
At a Glance: The New Features of IBM Cognos Analytics 11.2

The first look at the new major release of the IBM BI Suite with many improved features, e.g. visualization, artificial intelligence and performance.

Image of a woman sitting in front of a laptop. Next to it, cables and the MIT Technology Review logo
valantic Among Germany’s Best MINT Employers

Heise’s Technology Review magazine has partnered with Hamburg-based management and market research establishment Institut für Management- und Marktforschung (IMWF) to choose the best MINT employers in Germany. valantic secures itself a place on the winners list in the IT services sector.

Image of Kirsten Nachtmann, Consultant SAP Business Intelligence (BI) at valantic Business Analytics in Hamburg, in the background the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg as well as the skyline and a bike in the office
Master’s thesis as professional entry into SAP BI consulting

Kirsten Nachtmann reports in the interview about her hiring at valantic, which came about due to her Master's thesis, and her start as SAP BI consultant in Hamburg.

Bild von Andreas Kalapis, Consultant bei der INTARGIA - a valantic company
From Artificial Intelligence to the Information Security Audit

Andreas Kalapis reports on his work as a student employee in the Artificial Intelligence department and his subsequent start as a consultant. In the interview, he tells us why his gut feeling about INTARGIA, a valantic company, was spot-on from the very beginning.

valantic & TechConsult Study: "Corona Redefines IT Priorities"
Corona Redefines IT Priorities: This is What German Companies Now Have on the Agenda

The study "Corona resets IT priorities" by valantic and techconsult examined the impact of Corona on 218 German companies at the end of 2020.

Picture of wine bottles in a wine rack, a mobile phone on which an online shop is displayed and two people in a consultation, valantic Customer Experience (CX)
Survey about the Status Quo of Digitalization

The SurveyHow far along are German companies with the implementation of the digital transformation and what challenges do they encounter in the process? This was the topic of the survey on the status quo of digitalization that valantic conducted in cooperation with the Services and Consulting Department of the Hochschule Ludwigshafen am Rhein. Visitors were […]

Bild eines Straßennetzes, eines Laptops sowie eines Handys und Mitarbeitern im Gespräch, Intercompany Abstimmungen, im Hintergrund die Stadtansicht von Köln
The E-Invoice – a Required Step toward Digitalization

With the introduction of the statutory regulation on electronic invoices ( e-invoices) in public administration, digitalization in finance and accounting is being further promoted. But what exactly is the e-invoice regulation about?

Bild von Claudia Sehr, Geschäftsbereichsleiterin IT Services bei valantic Telco Solutions & Services, im Hintergrund ein Rechenzentrum sowie Kabel und Laptop
Area Manager IT Services at valantic – a Challenge with Many Facets

In the interview, Claudia Sehr reports about her challenges as Area Manager IT Services in the Frankfurt location and explains to us why she likes working at valantic.

Bild von Christian, Consultant SAP S/4HANA Finance bei LINKIT Consulting - a valantic company, im Hintergrund die Büroräume von LINKIT sowie die Stadtansicht von Köln
More than numbers: Career in SAP S/4HANA Finance

Christian is 28 years old and has been part of the LINKIT Consulting team since September 2019. In his role as an SAP S/4HANA Finance consultant, he tells us about his professional start, why no project is like another, and why he especially appreciates the friendly attitude and readiness of his LINKIT colleagues to help him.

Bild einer Frau, die vor einem Laptop sitzt und Kaffee trinkt, einem Handy, Euro-Geldscheinen sowie die Skyline einer Stadt im Hintergrund, valantic, Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Achieve efficient liquidity management in four steps

In the current crisis, the concern is to secure liquidity quickly and effectively and to reduce ongoing costs. Our technical article shows how this works in four steps with the SAP Analytics Cloud.

Bild von Christian Tomas, Business Analyst E-Commerce bei valantic CEC in Mannheim
From a Retail Company to SAP Commerce Consulting – Why the Leap is Worthwhile

Christian Tomas, Business Analyst E-Commerce, tells us in an interview why he dared to take the leap from a retail company to consulting and what his start at valantic was like.

Image of Prof. Dr. Martin Selchert, HLG Ludwigshafen, sales of the future, b2b
Sales of the Future: Prof. Dr. Martin Selchert about Digitalization in B2B Sales

We spoke with Prof. Dr. Martin Selchert about success strategies for digitalization in B2B sales and what companies can do now.

Image of Roland Martinez, Managing Director valantic Telco Solutions & Services, mobile phone, woman on a busy road
Telecommunications compliance: valantic starts new Telco Solutions & Services GmbH

With the new Telco Solution & Services GmbH, valantic has established a new company for the telecommunications industry. In an interview, Roland Martinez and Stefan Michaelis speak about the new company’s motivations and goals.

Image of Urs Haeusler, Managing Director at valantic Customer Experience & Commerce Switzerland, e-Commerce
B2B commerce: Here’s how to digitalize your B2B sales channels in the era of Covid-19

Currently, Covid-19 has a firm grip not just on our private lives, but also on the entire economy. In particular, B2B trade will feel the pandemic's consequences due to its strong orientation toward bricks-and-mortar sales and the cancellation of trade shows. Urs Haeusler, Managing Director of valantic CEC Schweiz, explains in this interview how you can reorient your sales strategy in B2B commerce for the long term and what other tips you should pay attention to right now.

Bilder von einer telefonierenden Frau und einem Smartphone, valantic Digitale Assistenten im Kundenservice
Why digital assistants are so valuable in customer dialogues

Conversational AI in customer service leads to more dynamics in problem solving which has enormous potential for digital assistants and chatbots.

Image of Fabian Littau, Project Manager at valantic Customer Experience & Commerce in Mannheim
From industry to consulting: Scenes from the everyday life of a project manager

In January 2020, Fabian Littau made the jump from an internal role in classic industry to consulting and he can now grow with us, and especially with our customers. For it’s precisely in times like the current Covid19 crisis that digitalization projects are becoming ever more important.

Bild einer Frau, die vor einem Laptop sitzt und Kaffee trinkt, einem Handy, Euro-Geldscheinen sowie die Skyline einer Stadt im Hintergrund, valantic, Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Robotic Process Automation: Setting the course for the successful automation of corporate processes

Read this article about how valantic can help you automate your corporate processes successfully with RPA.

Image of Joachim Hackmann, Principal Consultant at teknowlogy|PAC, digital innovations, a data center in the background
Digital business innovation: IT is the motor, but people are in control

Technologies for digital business innovation such as artificial intelligence and data analyses are enjoying a lot of attention lately. However, it takes talented people to drive the innovations forward and employees who use and exploit the digital innovations.

Image of a robotic arm, valantic blog article "Process Automation"
Process automation is the perfect opportunity to help your employees

Automation is the opportunity to unleash your workforce potential for value-added activities. Help them grow!

Bild von Thomas Pongratz, Managing Consultant SAP Transportation Management, vor dem Münchener valantic Office
An excursion into SAP Transportation Management at valantic

Thomas Pongratz, Managing Consultant at valantic, on the fast-moving nature of information technology, the challenges arising from this, and why he especially appreciates the team spirit and hands-on mentality at valantic.

Roboter Hand tippt auf einer Laptop-Tastatur, valantic Whitetaper Chatbots
CFO: Surviving the digitalization madness – time-travel!

We are now in the future, in the year 2025. You're the CFO, sitting in your office, going over the manuscript for your upcoming farewell speech once again. In just a few minutes, you’ll face your employees one last time. Will you tell a tale of success or are you leaving your company because you failed miserably at digitalization?

Image of Fabian Stocker, Vice President Integrated Business Planning, in front of the valantic office in Munich
On a Digital Journey in the SAP IBP World

Interview with Fabian Stocker, Vice President Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) at valantic Supply Chain Excellence, about working as a consultant at valantic.

Picture of two women in front of a whiteboard, next to it a picture of a robot and behind it a picture of a laptop and a picture of a building, Data Science Procedure Model valantic and Nordakademie
valantic and the Nordakademie Develop Procedural Model for Data Science Projects

The Data Science Process Model of valantic and Nordakademie describes the procedure in a data science project.

Image of a tablet, the valantic company logo, the netz98 company logo and Tim Hahn, Managing Director of netz98 - a valantic company
5 questions for… Tim Hahn, Managing Director of netz98

netz98 has been part of valantic since the beginning of December 2019. We spoke to Managing Director Tim Hahn about what the merger means for netz98 and valantic from his point of view and to what ambitions this E-commerce specialist from Mainz will devote himself in the future.

Dion logo, next to it a picture of a walking man with a smartphone in his hand and behind it pictures of a building and a city, Dion Global Solutions GmbH becomes part of valantic group
Dion Global Solutions GmbH will operate onwards under Dion Transaction Solutions GmbH

Dion Global Solutions and valantic will join forces. Collectively, Dion and valantic have over 250 German-speaking developers, specialists and consultants with deep financial industry knowledge.

Image of Dr. Holger von Daniels, CEO & partner at valantic
Interview valantic: “Digitalization is hands-on work” (German)

Interview with Holger von Daniels from valantic in online magazine NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank: about the digital transformation in companies and why digitalization is no hocus-pocus, but hands-on work.

Picture of several people on a stage, next to it a picture with the inscription "visionsdays" and behind it a picture of an applauding audience and a picture with a city view of Hamburg, valantic visiondays 2020 Hamburg
visiondays2018: valantic invites you to the congress for digital transformation

valantic organizes the visiondays 2018: A congress with practical Lectures, Workshops and Hands-On Sessions.