The end-to-end solution for consolidation in the cloud.

Financial consolidation with SAP SAC and SAP BTP

Trust the SAP Analytics Cloud and the NDC Financial Consolidation add-on based on the SAP Business Technology Platform for your consolidated business. This technology simplifies the entire consolidation process without programming. Costs are minimized, transparency is maximized. We will show you the migration paths for SEM-BCS, BPC, and BO FC (ex-Cartesis).

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Do you have an extensive SAP and S/4-driven architecture, and would you like to replace an outdated consolidation system and integrate?

Mixed Sources

Are you using multiple systems in your company, and would you like to harmonize and standardize them?


Do you “just” need a consolidation tool, follow a best-of-breed IT architecture, and are there many decentralized decisions?

Use the SAP Analytics Cloud for reporting, planning, and now also for corporate consolidation

Together with our partner NDC from Switzerland, we rely on the product NDC Financial Consolidation. It is an ideal solution for customers who want to migrate from SAP Financial Consolidation (BO FC), SEM-BCS or SAP BPC, or who have a hybrid or non-SAP based consolidation solution in place.
This solution provides an open, configurable, and future-proof technology that addresses the entire consolidation process in a single tool, from data modeling and capture to rules and cycles, to reporting and analysis. It allows business users to customize settings without code, and supports multiple accounting standards, periods, and scenarios. It also reduces the effort and costs for consolidation and increases the transparency and auditability of financial results.

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Webinar: Legal consolidation with SAP SAC and SAP BTP

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The platform

The platform provides an integrated environment in which users navigate seamlessly through the SAP Analytics Cloud – ideally for reporting, planning, and consolidation. This holistic use reduces training costs, as users are familiar with a uniform user interface. Tight integration with SAP S/4HANA, SAP BW/4HANA, and SAP Datasphere enables smooth data exchange and a coherent data structure across different business units.

Shared platform resources create synergies, resulting in a more efficient way of working. Customization and enhancements are intuitive, and users gain a comprehensive view of their data. The platform serves as a central point of contact for comprehensive business analyses and decisions. Its seamless integration with the existing SAP infrastructure makes it a powerful tool for optimized, data-driven management.

SAP EPM Portfolio

With the SAP EPM portfolio, companies can improve financial and operational performance, make informed decisions, and adapt to change. Seamless integration with other SAP products such as SAP S/4HANA and SAP BW/4HANA enables holistic and efficient use of corporate data. SAP EPM is therefore a key component for companies that want to improve their performance and optimize their business processes.


Hollistic EPM Plattform

The platform responds flexibly to changes in the business environment. Thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning, it can make predictions, identify trends, and provide forward-looking recommendations.

Overall, this holistic EPM platform provides companies with a powerful set of tools to optimize performance, use resources efficiently, and position themselves successfully in a dynamic business environment.


The process

The process begins with the collection of required data via input packets, either automatically or manually. Validations ensure the quality and consistency of the collected data at this stage. Before the data is subjected to the actual consolidation, a careful review is performed using a predefined and extensible set of rules.

From Data Collection to Reporting - Financial consolidation with SAP SAC and SAP BTP

From data collection to reporting

Consolidation Overview - Financial consolidation with SAP SAC and SAP BTP

Financial consolidation: The process at a glance


This solution’s capabilities provide comprehensive visibility and audit assurance, as all steps are recorded in detail in the log. This starts with the data packet imports and ends with finalization, which ensures traceability and compliance with external audits. The features for matrix and plan consolidation are particularly noteworthy. Start with a standardized consolidation model and expand it with your own dimensions and attributes and take advantage of variant and version dependencies.

Company rules

Add custom and configurable company rules and procedures to automate the process of financial consolidation.


Data modeling

Define your data model, including custom dimensions and attributes, and variant or version dependency.


Data import

Set up custom data imports, input restrictions, and validations.



Together with our partner NDC from Switzerland, we rely on the product NDC Financial Consolidation.

This solution is an ideal choice for customers who want to migrate from SAP Financial Consolidation or SAP BPC. It is also ideal for companies that use a hybrid environment or have implemented a non-SAP-based consolidation solution.

NDC Financial Consolidation enables smooth migration and flexibility to adapt to different consolidation requirements. With its open and configurable technology, the product provides a comprehensive solution that covers the entire financial consolidation. This includes not only data collection and validation, but also rule definition and the creation of meaningful reports and analyzes.

Reporting - Financial consolidation with SAP SAC and SAP BTP
Collaboration - Financial consolidation with SAP SAC and SAP BTP


Why should you use NDC Financial Consolidation for your consolidated business?

NDC Financial Consolidation provides a variety of compelling reasons to use it

Efficient migration of BPC, SEM-BCS, and SAP FC to the cloud

For companies that want to migrate from SAP Financial Consolidation, SEM-BCS, or SAP BPC, NDC Financial Consolidation provides a smooth and efficient migration solution.

Holistic consolidation process

This solution addresses the entire consolidation process, from data collection and validation to rule definition to providing meaningful reports and analysis.

Suitable for hybrid data architectures with many different ERP systems

The platform is ideal for companies that use hybrid IT environments or have opted for a non-SAP-based consolidation solution.

Open and configurable technology

NDC Financial Consolidation has an open and configurable technology that can be easily adapted to a company’s specific needs and processes.


The platform allows companies to adjust their consolidation settings without the need for extensive programming, allowing them to be flexible in response to changes in business requirements.

Support for various standards

NDC Financial Consolidation supports multiple accounting standards, periods, and scenarios, making it a versatile solution for different business needs.

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