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Due Diligence and Exit Readiness

With over 400 successfully accompanied transactions and a verified transaction volume of over 21 billion euros, valantic is a reliable due diligence and exit readiness advisor for corporate acquisitions and sales.

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Efficiently Buying and Selling Companies

As seasoned specialists in due diligence, we are reliable partners in M&A activities. Due diligence is of paramount importance for investment decisions: it allows potential buyers to evaluate comprehensive information about the target company and identify risks and opportunities crucial for the success of the transaction. Thorough due diligence helps executives and shareholders make informed decisions and determine the value of the target company.

In the case of investment exits, our experienced consultants assist executives and shareholders in smoothly and successfully executing the divestiture process. We provide comprehensive advice and support in all phases, from strategic planning to the final transaction.


Due Diligences

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Due Diligence

Our services for target evaluation

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Commercial Due Diligence

Commercial due diligence focuses on the commercial aspects of the target company. Depending on the business model, it examines customer relationships, market positioning, competitive environment, and operational efficiency. Thorough commercial due diligence provides clarity to the buyer regarding potential synergies such as revenue growth or cost savings.

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Technology / Product Due Diligence

Technology due diligence concentrates on the technical aspects of the target company. It assesses factors such as future maintainability, technical infrastructure, potential technical debts, and the integration of an acquisition. A comprehensive product due diligence enables the buyer to identify potential synergies in the product portfolio to ensure planned commercial success after the merger.

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IT Due Diligence

Our IT due diligence contributes to the sustainable success of the planned transaction by conducting a thorough examination and analysis of the target company’s IT systems, applications, technologies, and processes. We assist the buyer’s IT department in evaluating the compatibility, scalability, and security of the target company’s IT infrastructure to ensure a smooth integration and efficient operation.

Post-Merger Support

Our Services after Target Acquisition

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Post-Acquisition Integration

During the transaction, our experts take over the planning of integrating the target company into the buyer’s organization, processes, and IT. In line with the M&A strategy and the rationale of the transaction, we develop both medium-term roadmaps and a 100-day plan for implementing the most important measures after the transaction is completed. Our experienced consultants regularly initiate the recommended measures as interim managers.

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Performance Improvements

After the acquisition, we identify synergies and optimization potentials for executives and shareholders regarding revenue growth, cost structures, and organizational structures. With tailored solutions, our consultants support the implementation of transformation programs. All initiatives aim for the successful realization of the M&A strategy.


Our Services for Company Sales

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Exit Preparation

The successful implementation of a divestiture begins before the start of the sales process. Our experts assist you in analyzing and preparing all relevant data and information to create a high-quality data room for potential buyers. Additionally, we support you in implementing targeted change management measures to ensure the organization’s stability before the start of the sales process.

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Vendor Due Diligence

With our Vendor Commercial Due Diligence and Vendor Technology Due Diligence, we thoroughly examine and analyze the company being sold from the perspective of potential buyers before the start of the sales process. We capture relevant information about the company, and identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks. We work closely with our clients to create a meaningful Due Diligence Report and ensure the transparency potential buyers need to make informed decisions quickly. We support them in streamlining the sales process, conducting negotiations on equal terms, and achieving the best possible value for their company.

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IT Carve-out

As part of IT carve-out support, we ensure the successful separation of the business unit to be sold from an IT perspective. The primary goal is to ensure the business continuity of both the seller and the buyer after the transaction is completed and to ensure compliance with all necessary requirements. This creates security in complex transaction scenarios.

Our Strengths from over ten years of transaction consulting

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Christoph Nichau

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