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With comprehensive expertise, we accompany our clients on the journey of digital transformation – from product development to market positioning and all the way to marketing and sales strategy. Our experts assist businesses in recognizing opportunities and risks, fully tapping into their potential through clear strategic planning.

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Strategy Consulting in the Context of Digitization

Discover. Decide. Deliver.

In our projects, we follow a proven three-step approach that ensures not only the right strategic decisions but also efficient implementation:

  • Discover: In a risk, growth, and potential analysis, we identify the risks and opportunities of digitization for our clients. We compare internal processes with digital benchmarks, assess future market and customer trends, and distinguish the essential from the non-essential.
  • Decide: Based on our thorough analysis, we develop a digital strategy tailored perfectly to the company’s objectives.
  • Deliver: Building on the strategic vision, we create an implementation roadmap with concrete action packages optimized for the available resources and technical capabilities of the company. Upon request, our experienced interim and project managers can also support the subsequent implementation.
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Potential Analysis

In an initial potential analysis, we identify growth and value creation potential, such as through the digitization of marketing and sales, process and performance improvements, or the expansion or transformation of the current business model.

Project Examples:

  • Quantification of digital marketing and sales potential
  • Quantification of process and cost reduction potential
  • Business model transformation (e.g., from BPO to digital platform)

This potential analysis enables management to focus clearly on the key value drivers.

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Digital and Corporate Strategy

The complexity of corporate strategy reaches a new level due to digitization. We support our clients in navigating this new landscape and developing and anchoring a suitable holistic digital and corporate strategy. Our approach is pragmatic and oriented towards actionable transformation processes:

  • Growth in new business areas through digitization
  • More efficiency through digitization of processes and organization
  • Support of the core business through optimized digital access to customers and markets

We conduct a thorough analysis of the current conditions before formulating the strategy. We then compare the company’s assets with possible strategic (digital) directions and their success factors to design an actionable strategy for the company.

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Product and Price Strategy

Digitization opens up the possibility to extensively test product features and prices. Our approach to deriving product and pricing strategies is analytical and data-driven: we use state-of-the-art tools and techniques for detailed market segmentation, consumer analysis, and competitive research.

With this data, we develop a tailored product and pricing strategy aligned with business goals, market realities, and customer expectations. The results include:

  • Increased profitability of products or services
  • Improved market position and brand image
  • More efficient use of the marketing budget
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Exploration of new market potentials
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Marketing and Sales Strategy

Digitization enables new forms of customer engagement, requiring entirely new marketing and sales competencies. As part of a go-to-market strategy, we develop an optimal marketing and sales strategy that considers aspects such as:

  • Digital marketing and omnichannel potentials (B2B, B2B2C, and D2C)
  • Internationalization strategy
  • CRM and data strategy

Our experts rely on detailed market and competitive analyses, customer surveys, trend analyses, and years of experience implementing digital marketing and sales best practices. This way, we create marketing and sales strategies perfectly tailored to each company’s opportunities.

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Digitalization Roadmap

An excellent strategy is only as good as its implementation. Therefore, we translate our strategic recommendations into a concrete digitalization roadmap containing meaningful and feasible measures for the individual company.

Considering the corporate culture, we promote unified internal perspectives and focus internal efforts on the most promising projects. An explicit Target Operating Model (TOM) specifies the future organizational structure, creating transparent responsibilities and information structures.

If the company’s own capacities are insufficient to implement the measures, our experienced consultants take over the Project Management Office (PMO). This guarantees orderly and efficient project management and ensures the effective realization of planned measures on quality, on time, and on budget.

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Innovation Processes

For many companies, innovation is a significant driver of growth and the basis for an outstanding market position. We support companies in designing innovation processes efficiently and resource-friendly.

We start by developing a clear vision regarding innovation methods, decision formats, and core processes. Our qualitative and quantitative analyses uncover stakeholder needs, weaknesses, and optimization potential.

We develop an actionable roadmap based on a target concept with clear objectives, measures, and measurable performance indicators. Upon request, we also accompany the subsequent implementation. To ensure acceptance of changes within the company, we support optimizing the innovation process in this phase through pragmatic change management.

Our Industry Expertise

Our industry experts combine years of industry experience with extensive digital expertise. We perfectly tailor the opportunities and possibilities of digitization to our clients’ respective industries.

Selected references from successful projects

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Case Study

A Strategy for Securing the Future through Digitalization

Together with the client, a traditional aid organization, valantic developed a digital strategy to tap potential, increase the company's value, and improve customer satisfaction. New competitors and technological developments posed challenges. Despite existing willingness, there was a lack of concrete measures and digital competencies. Through analyses and workshops, a digital strategy was developed and successfully implemented.

A Strategy for Securing the Future through Digitalization
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Case Study

Digital Transformation: Process Optimization and Customer Sactisfaction Improvement

valantic assisted a major utility network operator in reducing a central process lead time by 50% through process optimization using digital tools. In particular, challenges such as extreme process complexity, lack of transparency, and missing digital infrastructure were addressed. The implementation of digital tools improved internal communication, service quality, and significantly reduced customer complaints.

Digital Transformation: Process Optimization and Customer Sactisfaction Improvement

Why work with valantic

Years of Experience

Your contacts are proven experts in the field of digital strategy. As managers, founders, and consultants, we have worked on digital business models and innovation topics for 20 years as drivers, implementers, and sparring partners.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurial thinking and acting are part of our self-concept. Economic pragmatism and pragmatism determine our recommendations for the benefit of our clients. This saves time and resources.

Implementation Expertise

We do not stop at strategy development but support the implementation with our valantic network of over 4,000 experts. This guarantees our clients that our strategic recommendations are also operationally feasible.

Communication and Change Management Competence

Digitization means change – not only on a technical and procedural level. Through effective change management and communication at eye level, we ensure that employees are sufficiently prepared for implementation – and thus project success.

Award-Winning Consulting

Our consulting work repeatedly receives awards from renowned expert juries, e.g., brand eins, WirtschaftsWoche, Focus – often with customer feedback included.

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