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CrossEngage: Customer Engagement

Who or what is CrossEngage? More than a simple engagement platform – that’s for sure. Because CrossEngage seamlessly combines two platforms and sees itself as a customer operating system. We are convinced of this concept, that’s why we consider it one of valantic’s best-of-breed software solutions. In the category of customer engagement technologies, CrossEngage definitely deserves a special mention when it comes to intelligently leveraging your first-party customer data to build strong and close relationships.

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CrossEngage CDP

Customers at the center of success

Drive customer engagement – achieve business success! Sure, in each individual case, the specific goal looks a little different. But at the end of the day, that’s what CrossEngage helps you with. At the heart of it all, CrossEngage offers a powerful customer data platform (CDP) to do just that: drive customer engagement. It ensures that all collected customer data can be made usable, that they are in one central location and also DSGVO-compliant.

Collect & act – that’s the motto under which the CrossEngage CDP operates. And we think that is succinctly to the point. It’s what the “digital now” is all about when it comes to handling data. So on your marks. Collect. Act!

CrossEngage can do everything a CDP should be able to do

360-degree user profiling

segmentation & real-time automation

cross-channel campaign management

Even though that’s already impressive …

CrossEngage is more than "just" a CDP

Customer operating system

With their customer prediction platform (CPP), CrossEngage adds another dimension to the CDP. With the help of artificial intelligence, it enables a customer-centric approach as well as personalization in cross-channel marketing.

Schematic representation of the CrossEngage Customer Operation System.
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