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valantic presents: on-site personalization in real time

On-site personalization with trbo

If you ask trbo which digital touchpoint plays a very special role in the “digital now”, it’s your website. The term homepage makes it clearer. This is where your brand is at home. And the goal is for visitors to feel at home, too. That’s why trbo offers a solution that not only sparks enthusiasm but also brings measurable added value. With dynamic personalization based on real-time data, it combines personalization, recommendations, A/B/multi-variant testing, and much more in just one tool. Or as trbo would say: simply on-site – real-time – smart. We say: simply trbo!

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trbo personalization tool

Web experiences
in the “digital now”

The mission that trbo pursues is not an end in itself. Ultimately, it’s about generating notable uplifts. And here, trbo delivers in t(u)rbo mode. This speaks for itself.

trbo delivers in the e-com funnel:

+ 30 %

conversion rate increase

- 9.5 %

bounce rate reduction

+ 23 %

increase in customer value

Results like these make trbo a worthy representative of the German technology vendor landscape. The Munich-based provider therefore deserves a special place in our best-of-breed customer engagement tech portfolio.

Key features of trbo




A/B & multi-variant testing

dynamic segmentation

intelligent targeting

analysis & optimization

Web experiences in the “digital now” are only possible with the right technology. And technology plays a special role here, too.
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