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Strategy and Transaction Consulting for Digital Transformation

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wdp – a valantic company is one of the leading strategy, implementation and transaction consultancies for digital transformation in the German-speaking world.

Drawing on experience from more than 750 projects, a team of 55 multiple-award-winning experts helps top managers set the right strategic course for their companies in an increasingly digital world.

wdp enables its clients to implement sustainable and value-maximizing (digital) marketing, sales and product concepts and business models.

When making investment decisions, investors trust the commercial and technological potential assessments prepared by wdp’s experienced consultants whose managed transaction volume exceeds EUR 20 billion.

All of wdp’s consultants combine a profound understanding of digital ecosystems and outstanding analytical and methodological expertise with entrepreneurial thinking and a consulting approach in which partnerships of equals with clients are paramount.


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Strategy Consulting for Digital Transformation

wdp helps top managers and their teams make the right strategic decisions.

They use dependable analyses of risks and opportunities, strategic alternatives and entrepreneurial recommendations to establish the best possible basis for these decisions.

wdp’s consultants explore how the digitization of products, processes, sales and marketing will impact our customers and translate this into long-term strategies for their business units and / or the entire company.

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wdp helps top managers and investors achieve their entrepreneurial goals through digital transformation... from decision-making to concrete implementation (source: wdp).

Digital Strategy / Digital Transformation

Developing corporate strategies is reaching a new level of complexity as digitization gathers momentum, and the relevance of established structures and value chains starts to fade – so, what now? wdp helps its customers identify and establish the answers in the form of new corporate strategies. Particularly in the digitization age, value chains are undergoing fundamental changes, as conventional strategy development tools, such as SWOT analyses and Five Forces, begin to loose traction under the digital tsunami.

wdp takes an entirely different approach, thinking in new dimensions of change and strategy adjustment and designing practical and viable transformation processes for your business rather than theoretical “visions”.

Commercial Audit

wdp’s Commercial Audit analyzes technical, commercial, procedural and organizational weaknesses in your strategic business units or in companies that are potential acquisition candidates. It scrutinizes processes for their economic expedience and efficiency, and employees for their knowledge, experience and social competence; in this way, an unbiased picture of the current organization gradually emerges. wdp then uses these findings to derive and propose concrete courses of action to top management.

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Further highlights from wdp’s Strategy Consulting Portfolio

Build-or-buy analysis, organizational concepts, market and competition analyses, decision templates and much more.

Discover wdp's strategy consulting portfolio now Discover wdp's strategy consulting portfolio now

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

wdp helps investors and top management to identify optimal investment targets as well as to successfully divest companies and individual business units. wdp’s due diligence services identify investment risks and potentials and offer starting points for mitigating, respectively realizing, them. With more than 750 consulting projects, including in excess of 180 transaction consultations and more than EUR 20 billion transaction volume managed, wdp has proven experience in evaluations and risk-assessments for AdTechs and classifieds, e-commerce and lead generation through to subscription models. wdp has been recognized by German economics weekly, Wirtschaftswoche, receiving the “Best of Consulting Award” on multiple occasions, including first place in the M&A category.

Commercial Due Diligence

wdp’s CDD analyzes the value chain, business model, market and competition, customer structure and product / product portfolio of the target company, as well as assessing the marketing and sales activities and any existing Unique Selling (USP) and Unique Advertising (UAP) Propositions.

In particular, it also focuses on potential risks posed by the market, competition and / or business model, thereby ensuring that you invest in a long-term viable company. This serves as the groundwork for recommending a concrete purchase price and specific measures for the post-acquisition phase.

Technology Due Diligence

Top-notch IT systems and organizational structures are the backbone of digital products and services. The right balance of in- and outsourcing, as well as the chosen framework and platform, can generate a decisive competitive advantage. Key elements of wdp’s Technology Due Diligence are, for example, the business context, technical infrastructure, software architecture, IT and application operations, contracts with third parties, organization and IT costs. The goals of TDD are to calculate an optimal, fact-based purchase price and realistically assess future risks.

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Further highlights from wdp’s Transaction Consulting Portfolio

Deal generation support, digital due diligence, marketing and sales due diligence, exit readiness support, etc.

Discover wdp's transaction consulting portfolio now Discover wdp's transaction consulting portfolio now

Value Creation

wdp assists shareholders and managers in sustainably increasing the value of their company. In doing so, it helps its customers successfully design and implement value enhancement programs, focusing on the three levers: growth, efficiency and company valuation.

Where and how can we generate growth? wdp answers these questions with a view to the customer’s specific industry, sales organization and business model and adapts digital best practices to the company’s unique situation.

How can we boost our efficiency? As interim managers, wdp’s consultants optimize internal processes, improving their performance and empowering their customers’ staff to make the necessary changes by involving them during the design.

How do we drive the digitization of our business models forward? wdp optimizes requirements and development processes, occupies missing organization roles through interim management, and implements agile development techniques together with the customer’s team.


Potential Analysis in Marketing & Sales

wdp conducts a potential analysis to assess the additional revenue potentials that could be realized by optimizing your (digital) marketing and distribution activities. This includes, for example, developing new high-reach channels, enhancing your digital lead generation and optimizing conversion rates along your sales funnel. The identified potentials are quantified and monitored in the subsequent implementation, letting you gauge the success of the identified measures at any time.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Most of our customers have already experienced failed CRM projects. Vague requirements, an overloaded scope, and poorly thought-through use cases often result in CRM projects that are out of budget, out of time, or – in the worst case – even out of control. wdp provides for contemplated requirements management in CRM projects and, as overall project manager, coordinates the choice and management of the necessary service providers and internal stakeholders. As a result, our customers’ implementations offers them real value add – and their projects are completed successfully, on time and in budget.


Potential Analysis in Process Optimization

wdp digitally transforms your business processes with a view to optimizing KPIs such as efficiency, throughput times and productivity. Following an initial process review, we work with your employees to identify and prioritize optimization potential in existing processes, e.g. through automation, streamlining or bundling of responsibilities, and calculate the resulting savings potential. Operational staff are also involved to ensure realistic planning and implementation in the subsequent change process.

Change Management

Digital transformation often necessitates far-reaching changes that impact many organizational areas and pose major challenges for all involved. Based on the existing organization, wdp develops the concrete change project in coordination with management and defines the necessary procedural and organizational changes. If desired, our experienced interim managers can also accompany and coordinate the downstream change process, including the recruitment of new staff and coaching existing ones.

Digital Platform

Digital Product Management

As interim managers with operational experience, we embed the necessary skills and processes in your organization to transform visions into successful products. From the initial product vision to its requirements specification and technical implementation – our experienced consultants help you establish a successful digital product management function.

Agile Development Processes

By introducing, and providing training in, agile development methods, wdp cuts the implementation and response times of your technical product development. The aim is to formulate as quickly as possible practical solutions that best fulfill the customer’s needs and expectations. Concise, direct communication channels and a cyclical approach are key drivers of success. wdp’s consultants help you to optimally achieve these goals by providing the right tools and effective development processes tailored to your company.

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Further highlights from wdp’s Value Creation Portfolio

Conversion Optimization, Proofs of Concept, Organizational Concepts and Operative Restructuring.

Discover wdp's value creation portfolio now Discover wdp's value creation portfolio now

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