Anastasios Christodoulou

Partner & Managing Director, valantic Division Digital Strategy & Analytics

Anastasios Christodoulou, Partner & Managing Director, valantic

Knowledge is power! Networked knowledge is more powerful!

“What are our critical success factors? How can I optimize our customers’ digital touchpoints on the customer journey? What influence do current market developments have on our annual goals? How can I deploy my sales optimally? Where can I reduce costs without endangering my sales or quality goals?”

Today, these and many other everyday entrepreneurial questions that our customers ask can hardly be answered without Business Intelligence and predictive analytics solutions.

A critical success factor, however, is the linking of this information to a digital world of knowledge and the incorporation of the company’s managers and operative forces. Only this way can digital processes be analyzed quickly and precisely, interpreted, and made available to the company for making valid, secure decisions.

Even during his information technology studies, Anastasios Christodoulou recognized that data is not just the digital product of processes and storage routines, it is an essential part of each company’s value-creation chain. As a result, Anastasios Christodoulou established novem business applications GmbH in 2002 and developed it into one of the leading consulting companies focusing on the implementation of solutions for company controlling.

Today, Anastasios Christodoulou is the founder and Managing Director of valantic Business Analytics, partner of valantic GmbH and member of the Sales Board of the valantic Group.