Farewell, yellow slip!

Registering sick notes digitally in HCM Inside eAU

The famous “yellow slip” for certifying incapacity for work will become obsolete from January 2023. Registering sick notes digitally using HCM Inside eAU in conjunction with SAP HCM.

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That's new: Electronic sick notes eAU

This is true progress since, up to now, employees have had to send in their sick note to their employer’s HR department by regular mail after the doctor’s visit. There, the data had to be entered manually into SAP – a time-consuming and, above all, error-prone procedure that unnecessarily consumed considerable resources.

From January 1, 2023, the sick note will be transmitted entirely digitally. With valantic’s SAP add-on, HCM Inside eAU, employees and employers have a quick, user-friendly, secure and convenient way to fulfill their legal obligations.

Companies save time, money and human resources by using HCM Inside eAU as a SAP add-on; and employees can fulfill their duty to inform their employer promptly, directly after the doctor’s visit, using any commercially available smartphone or notebook.

Digital sick note: Added values for businesses and employees

Easy to send

Quick and easy transfer of digital sick notes by the employees themselves


No more time-consuming “telephone support” by HR staff dealing with employees’ calls, meaning no additional workload

Automated data capture

No need for manual data capture in SAP

Up-to-date data

All data are transmitted correctly, completely and securely

Digital data capture

The “paper-based economy” has had its day thanks to electronic sick notes

valantic’s SAP Add-On HCM Inside eAU

Registering Sick Notes Digitally Using HCM Inside eAU in Conjunction With SAP HCM

Features & functions


  • Quick, digital capture of sick notes
  • Quick, digital capture of follow-up sick notes
  • Status of “my” sick note(s)
  • Displays personal data such as the registered health insurance company, etc.
  • Automated e-mail workflow with the employee’s supervisor and HR department / team assistant
  • Guaranteed secure and legally compliant
Registering Sick Notes Digitally Using HCM Inside eAU in Conjunction With SAP HCM

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