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SAP Services

As a large German SAP consulting and implementation company, we focus on the world of SAP in the blog category “SAP services.” From topics such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) with SAP S/4HANA to customer relationship management (CRM) with SAP C/4HANA and logistics and warehouse processes with SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP), on through to extended warehouse management (EWM) and transportation management (SAP TM) – this is where you’ll find exciting insights and helpful practical tips. And we can’t overlook the topics financial processes with SAP Finance, human capital management with SAP HCM, and analytics and controlling with SAP Analytics.


Datenanalyse auf den Tablet, Zusammenarbeit von zwei Personen und Produktion von Getränken
Managing data migration: 5 master data steps to take for a successful S/4HANA transformation

An important milestone in S/4HANA transformation projects is the migration of the master data. Our expert, Andreas Lisson, presents five steps that companies can take to prepare optimally for the migration of their master data.

Blogpost SAP Analytics - What’s new in SAP Datasphere
What’s New in SAP Datasphere?

It has been a few weeks since we last updated you on the latest innovations in SAP Datasphere. Consequently, the time has come to take another look at the most exciting changes. We will focus on what we believe are the most important and exciting innovations implemented in the Data Fabric,  including the topics of data integration, data modeling, and data cataloging.

Three circles: Person typing on laptop, man smiling at camera, person at workplace
5 Reasons to Develop Applications with SAP Build

More and more companies are accelerating application development and process optimization with low-code solutions such as SAP Build. This SAP Business Technology Platform component enables users to create apps without programming skills.

Bild mit Drei Kreisen: Hände tippen auf einer Tastatur, Code auf einem Monitor & Mann lächelt am Arbeitsplatz
The easier way to SAP extensions that are fit for the future

SAP extensions made easy with the SAP Application Extension Methodology! On the one hand, the methodology outlines a tried-and-tested standard procedure; on the other hand, it facilitates the selection of the required concepts and technologies.

Blogpost SAP Analytics - What’s new in SAP Datasphere
What’s new in SAP Datasphere?

Since the rebranding in March 2023 from SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to SAP Datasphere, there have been numerous updates. In this blog post, we present the most important and exciting innovations in the area of data integration, data modeling and business modeling.

People in the office talking and an analysis on the laptop
Process Mining and SAP Activate for faster transformation

More speed and quality for SAP S/4HANA transformations: Process mining simplifies and accelerates SAP Activate projects. The tool-assisted methodology offers benefits in every implementation phase – and beyond.

Blogpost SAP Analytics - What’s new in SAP Datasphere
What’s new in SAP Datasphere?

SAP Datawarehouse Cloud underwent a transformation, now known as SAP Datasphere. Discover the exciting changes and advancements!

Prozesse im Handel als SAP Consultant maßgeblich mitgestalten
Helping to design processes as SAP consultant in retail

In an interview, Christopher Reger reports on his path to becoming an SAP consultant through his dual study of business informatics. In the process, he provides us with exciting insights into his ongoing projects in the retail sector and tells us about his position with the volunteer fire department.

valantic Survey-Report SAP S/4HANA Study
SAP Trends 2023: Highlights of the valantic SAP S/4HANA study

How satisfied are companies with SAP, the cloud, the Business Technology Platform, and S/4HANA? valantic’s current SAP S/4HANA study 2023 sheds significant light on investment intentions, the business benefits achieved, and smoldering pain points of the SAP community in German-speaking Europe. 

Comprehensive transformation along the digital supply chain
Comprehensive transformation along the digital supply chain

The transformation along the value chain makes companies more resilient and sustainable. With RISE with SAP and SAP's digital supply chain portfolio, they will be positioned for the future.

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)
Agile companies rely on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is the technological foundation for companies’ agility, innovation, and future readiness. With the expertise of our valantic SAP BTP Factory team we enable our customers to realize their full potential.

Picture of two people shaking hands, next to them a woman with a laptop in the server room and a person typing on a laptop, valantic SAP Application Management Services (AMS)
SAP Application Management Services (AMS) free up resources for strategic IT projects

Managing day-to-day business and digital transformation at the same time – with valantic’s SAP Application Management Services (AMS), customers benefit from efficient system operation and have the freedom to advance digitalization with SAP S/4HANA.

Picture of people in a meeting room; Successfully standardize in SAP rollouts
Successfully standardize in SAP rollouts

In international S/4HANA transformations companies can use templates for the SAP rollout to scale the standardization and harmonization of their global processes, assuming that they take to heart 3 crucial principles.

Picture of Sascha Ulbrich, SAP CX Solutions Architect and Data Scientist at valantic, next to him the SAP logo and a laptop | Five Questions about SAP CDP for a MarTech Architect Consultant
Five Questions about SAP CDP for a MarTech Architect Consultant

In the jungle of marketing technologies, customer data platforms play a major role. One of them is SAP CDC. We asked the expert and MarTech consultant Sascha 5 questions about the tool. What can it do, for who is it suitable and what are its limits?

valantic Customer Focus Days SAP 2022, Digitalization
How Companies Are Shaping Digitalization With SAP S/4HANA

Digitalization is not an end in itself, but creates added value, and fosters innovation and growth. At the Customer Focus Days SAP 2022, experts explained how they are shaping the transformation from a company and consulting perspective.

Headless Commerce
Headless Commerce – Dull Trend or Perennial Favorite?

In this interview, our commerce expert Michael Bungert answers questions about headless commerce. Michael specializes in SAP Commerce projects at valantic. In addition to technical management, he helps clients define their requirements and design their e-commerce processes. 

valantic CX: Triad image for blogpost Personalization vs. Privacy
Personalization vs. Data Protection

The more information you have about a customer, the more personalized you can create the customer experience. But how can a customized customer experience be reconciled with the GDPR? Daniel Tiatco explains this in his blog.

Image of a young man holding a tablet, next to him a young woman pointing to a whiteboard, in the background a staircase in an urban environment | SAP S/4HANA Brownfield Conversion
SAP S/4HANA Brownfield Conversion – Step by Step to the Private Cloud

A brownfield conversion to SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud using RISE with SAP enables a step-by-step digital transformation. Companies save time and resources, retain their proven processes, and can selectively exploit optimization potential.

Picture of Yannic Strickfaden, Consultant at valantic in the Controlling department, in the background the offices and the office building of the Langenfeld office
Experience end-to-end processes live as an SAP Trainee

Update March 2023: Yannic Strickfaden has now moved on to new career paths. We wish him good luck and fun with his new challenges. We have the permission to continue using this interview article, which we are happy to do. Yannic Strickfaden, Consultant in Controlling at valantic, started as a Junior Consultant in May 2020 […]

Image of a group of people in a meeting, next to them a woman looking at her computer screen and a tablet
RISE with SAP for Migrating to the Private Cloud

With RISE with SAP and SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud, companies enjoy the benefits of two worlds when it comes to digitization: They receive proven on-premises functionalities as well as the added value of service-oriented software usage.

Tim Lipgens, Consultant S/4HANA Finance; SAP Trainee at valantic
The SAP Trainee Program: A kick-start for a successful career in controlling

Tim Lipgens, Consultant S/4HANA Finance, provides exciting insights into valantic’s SAP trainee program and tells us how and when he started working on challenging controlling projects.

valantic Survey-Report SAP S/4HANA Study
SAP S/4HANA Study 2022

The valantic SAP S/4HANA Study 2022 revealed exciting trends: 95% of respondents want to switch to the new software. A brownfield migration is the favorite. Many are interested in process mining, but further clarification is still needed for RISE with SAP.

Image of a data center and two people talking: Successful SAP Projects Through Process Mining
Successful SAP Projects Through Process Mining

Process mining allows business processes to be analyzed efficiently, across systems. The insights help companies reduce complexity in their SAP transformation projects and achieve optimal results.

Image of David Boros, valantic ERP Consulting in Langenfeld
SAP Trainee: Grow with future-oriented SAP topics

David Boros is a Cologne native who started as a SAP Logistics trainee at valantic in September 2021. Today, he is a junior consultant on the DSC (Digital Supply Chain) team, and he tells us why he recommends the valantic trainee program and what he particularly liked about it.

Transparent Rebate Handling With SAP CCM
More transparency in rebate agreements using SAP CCM

SAP Condition Contract Management (SAP CCM, formerly SAP CCS) simplifies the maintenance and settlement of rebate agreements with customers and suppliers. The tool reduces the effort needed to manage complex contracts.

Image of laughing people, next to them a smartphone with several infographics and diagrams; SAP Analytics
SAP BW/4HANA or SAP Data Warehouse Cloud?

SAP BW/4HANA or SAP Data Warehouse Cloud or even a combination of both solutions?

Image of people in a conversation, person with cell phone and credit card in hand, next to it person typing on a laptop, SAP Credit Management
SAP Credit Management in SAP S/4HANA: Recognize Default Risks Early On

The new SAP Credit Management in SAP S/4HANA bundles the full spectrum of credit management tasks in a single solution. Users can anticipate and minimize default risks with Documented Credit Decisions.

Picture of two people, next to it a computer screen and a tablet; SAP Fiori App: Bulk Price Maintenance in Just a Few Clicks
Fiori App: Bulk Price Maintenance in Just a Few Clicks

The Fiori app Manage Prices – Sales expedites the maintenance of condition records and bulk prices which reduces the workload of sales staff. The app is included in the SAP S/4HANA standard and is ready for use in an instant.

Image of people at a computer, next to it close-up of a laptop, an office space in the background
SAP S/4HANA Survey 2022: Is RISE with SAP Driving the Switch to the Cloud?

valantic’s 2022 survey on the market development of SAP S/4HANA is now under way. The survey serves as the basis for the annual study that valantic is now conducting for the fifth time in a row. This year’s survey focuses on the cloud and RISE with SAP offering.

RISE with SAP Paves the Way to the Cloud for Industrial Enterprises
RISE with SAP Paves the Way to the Cloud for Industrial Enterprises

RISE with SAP lets industrial enterprises progress with their digitization programs without the need for upfront investments. Combined with the support of SAP partners such as valantic, the Business Transformation as a Service portfolio becomes a highly attractive option for SMEs.

Image of Michael Hecken, Senior Consultant at valantic ERP Consulting; Embedded Analytics in SAP S/4HANA
Embedded Analytics in SAP S/4HANA

SAP uses embedded analytics to deliver standard reporting in the S/4HANA environment, but working with embedded analytics presents companies with new challenges. This blog explains why the information systems of the ERP Central Component (ECC) can no longer be compared with the apps in Fiori, and which conditions must be fulfilled to use them effectively.

Image of a man with a tablet in his hand, next to a group of people in a conference and a laptop screen with the dashboard open, SAP Group Reporting
SAP Group Reporting: A New Era for Consolidated Financial Reporting

SAP Group Reporting stands for a new era of consolidation: Whereas consolidated financial statements used to be prepared in processes running on dedicated systems, this can now be done directly, in real time, in the operational ERP with immediate access to all necessary voucher data.

Image of Marcel Deichmann, Managing Consultant SAP S/4HANA Cloud at valantic ERP Consulting in Langenfeld
SAP S/4HANA Cloud: A Journey Through the SAP World

Marcel Deichmann takes us on his personal technology journey through the SAP world towards the SAP S/4HANA Cloud and tells us what cloud enthusiasts can expect at valantic.

Bild von Personen im Gespräch; Emarsys oder SAP Marketing Cloud
Comparison of Emarsys and the SAP Marketing Cloud

How is the marketing platform Emarsys recently acquired by SAP different from the SAP Marketing Cloud already in the SAP portfolio?

Image of Claudia Jost, SAP Consultant at valantic for S/4HANA projects, in the background the valantic office in Langenfeld
Efficient implementation of SAP S/4HANA projects as SAP consultant

Claudia Jost has worked for valantic since 2018 and implements large S/4HANA projects as an SAP consultant in the area of purchasing and master data. In the interview, she gives us insight into the SAP consultant's world, talks about efficient implementation of SAP S/4HANA projects, the challenges of being a consultant, and explains what she likes about valantic as an employer.

Image of Tim Baumgart, expert for SAP Customer Data Cloud (CDC) at valantic CEC
Get to know customers with the SAP Customer Data Cloud (SAP CDC)

SAP Customer Data Cloud is designed to collect and merge customer identities, preferences, and consents across multiple contact points. We talked with valantic expert Tim Baumgart about what exactly is behind this, what the advantages are, and what differences there are between it and the SAP Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Image of Antonia Demleitner, Junior Consultant SAP TM at valantic Supply Chain Excellence in Munich
Why it’s possible to jump into SAP consulting as a mathematician

Antonia Demleitner tells us why, as a mathematician, she took the leap into SAP consulting at valantic and she gives us an overview of her tasks as an SAP TM consultant on projects.

Image of Markus Scheffknecht, valantic CEC Schweiz, Interview SAP Commerce Cloud Migration
What you should know about migrating to the SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud is the promising foundation for your e-commerce platform. But what are the concrete benefits of this solution? When is it worth migrating to the cloud and how does this work in detail? Markus Scheffknecht of valantic CEC Schweiz told us all this in an interview.

Image of Maximilian John an the valantic CEC Germany office in Mannheim
An SAP Commerce Project in the Chemical Industry as Personal Success Story

Dr. Maximilian John gives us insights into the challenges of an SAP Commerce project and describes what he does in his role as Technical Lead.

Picture of Fabian Saccilotto, valantic CEC Switzerland, next to it a smartphone and stacked packages
SAP Spartacus: Progressive Web Applications

What is SAP Spartacus, and what does moving to the progressive web app mean? Fabian Saccilotto of valantic CEC Switzerland knows best about PWAs!

Picture of Simon Hamm, valantic CEC Germany, next to it a smartphone and stacked packages
Headless Commerce revolutionized the omnichannel

What does headless commerce mean, and where are headless e-commerce solutions used? Simon Hamm from valantic CEC Deutschland knows all that and more.

Image of Sascha Jäger, Team Lead HCM Software Engineering at valantic people
SAP HCM for HR management

Sascha Jäger shows us in the interview how he, as Team lead HCM Software Engineering, is working with his team to overcome the challenges of digitalizing his customers’ HR processes and how he has a lot of fun at the same time.

Image of Kirsten Nachtmann, Consultant SAP Business Intelligence (BI) at valantic Business Analytics in Hamburg, in the background the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg as well as the skyline and a bike in the office
Master’s thesis as professional entry into SAP BI consulting

Kirsten Nachtmann reports in the interview about her hiring at valantic, which came about due to her Master's thesis, and her start as SAP BI consultant in Hamburg.

Image of Ines Schilling, SAP HCM consultant at valantic people
A Management Consultant in IT Consulting

Ines Schilling, SAP HCM Consultant, has been a part of the valantic team for three months. In the interview, she provides some insight into how, even without an IT background, she found her way in the IT world quickly thanks to efficient onboarding.

Bild von zwei Personen, die Notizen vor sich liegen haben, daneben in einem runden Bildausschnitt ein aufgeklappter Laptop sowie eine Glühbirne
Digitalization of multi-stage sales channels in B2B retail

In the “Tips & tricks for customer experience with SAP” rubric, we provide some helpful practical tips. The third part deals with so-called chain structures in the SAP Sales Cloud. These help to map complex sales channels – also directly in the standard system.

Image of Ayse Bozlak, Junior Consultant SAP SD at valantic ERP Consulting in Langenfeld
Junior Consultant SAP SD – career start valantic Academy

After her traineeship, Ayse Bilgi, 27, started as a Junior Consultant SAP SD at valantic in 2020. She tells us about her experiences during the trainee program and provides some insight into her tasks as a Junior SAP Consultant.

Image of people at a computer, next to it close-up of a laptop, an office space in the background
valantic Expert Survey 2021:
82% of companies are planning a migration to S/4HANA

Over the last three years, in which valantic has conducted its expert survey on the topic of SAP S/4HANA, the reasons for a migration to S/4HANA have remained very stable. In the 2021 SAP S/4HANA expert survey, it’s clear what companies currently think is important for a transformation.

Image of two people sitting together in front of a laptop, with the Computerwoche IT Champions seal next to it
These are the best SAP consulting firms: valantic ranks third

valantic was ranked third among the most popular and renowned SAP consulting firms in Germany, against strong competition. This is the result of a study conducted by management and economic research establishment Institut für Management und Wirtschaftsforschung (IMWF) in conjunction with Computerwoche.

Bild von Kai Kronauer, Director SAP Engagement bei valantic, SAP Diamant-Initiative
SAP Diamond Initiative: six awards for valantic

The SAP Diamond Initiative awards are presented for excellence and outstanding services. Kai Kronauer explains valantic’s secret to success and what these awards mean to him.

valantic & TechConsult Study: "Corona Redefines IT Priorities"
Corona Redefines IT Priorities: This is What German Companies Now Have on the Agenda

The study "Corona resets IT priorities" by valantic and techconsult examined the impact of Corona on 218 German companies at the end of 2020.

Bild von zwei Personen, die Notizen vor sich liegen haben, daneben in einem runden Bildausschnitt ein aufgeklappter Laptop sowie eine Glühbirne
Conversion from MS Dynamics on-premise to the SAP Sales Cloud – data migration in no time at all

The conversion to a new CRM system brings new opportunities, but also some challenges. How can data be transferred from Microsoft Dynamics on-premise to the SAP Sales Cloud most easily?

Bild von Felix Marx, Managing Consultant bei Linkit Consulting - a valantic company, im Hintergrund Büroräume von Linkit und die Stadtansicht von Köln
Project Insights – A Customer Case in the Food Industry as Personal Success Story

Felix Marx, Managing Consultant at valantic, provides insight into the challenges of an international S/4HANA project for a customer in the food industry. He also tells us how he, as sub-project manager, successfully implements the agile valantic project methodology for the SAP Finance area.

Bild zum Customer Focus Day SAP von valantic
Catalysts for a successful company

Companies want to update their individual SAP strategy, automate business processes, implement new digital business models, and make their IT flexible and more agile. The valantic Customer Focus Day SAP showed them how they can do these things successfully and what the catalysts are.

Bild von Nils Meißner, Projektmanager SAP S/4HANA bei valantic ERP Services, im Hintergrund die Büroräume und das Bürogebäude des Langenfelder Büros
SAP S/4HANA – Experience Agile Project Methodology Live

Nils Meißner is Project Manager SAP S/4HANA and has been with valantic since April 2019. In the interview, he gives us insight into the SAP project world, talks about the challenges of project business, and explains what he likes about valantic as an employer.

Bild eines Straßennetzes, eines Laptops sowie eines Handys und Mitarbeitern im Gespräch, Intercompany Abstimmungen, im Hintergrund die Stadtansicht von Köln
The E-Invoice – a Required Step toward Digitalization

With the introduction of the statutory regulation on electronic invoices ( e-invoices) in public administration, digitalization in finance and accounting is being further promoted. But what exactly is the e-invoice regulation about?

Bild von mehreren Menschen, die beratend um einen Laptop stehen, im Hintergrund ein Konferenzraum sowie die Nahaufnahme einer Computertastatur und eines unterschriebenen Vertrags
Case Study: User-Centered Quotes with SAP® CPQ: “Solution Quote at Bizerba – as unique as your fingerprint!”

Sales at Bizerba needed a tool to create complex quotations that unites all these dimensions in a single interface. At the same time, the company wanted to provide its customers with a clear quotation document for a custom-tailored solution at the touch of a button. This is where the idea for Solution Quotes came from.

Bild von Michael Bader, Managing Consultant bei valantic CEC Deutschland, im Hintergrund die Stadt Mannheim sowie das Büro von valantic CEC Deutschland
From On-Premise to the Cloud – How Projects are Developing

Michael Bader is Managing Consultant in the Mannheim location and has been with valantic CEC Deutschland since 2005. He tells us in the interview why a close customer relationship is important and what he's especially proud of.

Image of Thomas Latajka, Managing Director at valantic ERP, office in Langenfeld, conference room, valantic website on a tablet computer
On the path to the customer-centered and intelligent company

The digital transformation in companies is progressing more and more. But the future belongs to customers and lies in the intelligence to provide them with the most perfect customer experience possible. With the customer at the center of attention, the path to the Intelligent Enterprise is thus marked out and indispensable. New technologies such as artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) will be increasingly in demand.

Bild von Christoph Resch, Geschäftsführer bei valantic CEC Deutschland, daneben das Bild einer Frau am Laptop und einigen Notizzetteln
Customer experience comes first at the intelligent enterprise

The future belongs to the customers. After all, they are the ones who pay in the end and increase the turnover of a company. In order for this to happen, the buyer or prospective buyer must feel absolutely comfortable with the service and product in each of his buying cycles. How does a company manage to provide its customers with a perfect buying and repurchasing experience?

Image of Joachim Hackmann, Principal Consultant at teknowlogy|PAC, digital innovations, a data center in the background
SAP S/4HANA migration: Take advantage of the design possibilities!

Even if SAP gives its customers more time to migrate to the new SAP S/4HANA product generation, the undertaking remains a major challenge. But it is also true that the impending changeover also offers numerous opportunities.

Bild von Glenn González, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) SAP Germany, Referent beim Customer Focus Day SAP von valantic
The mindset must precede the technology

One of the top speakers at valantic's Customer Focus Day SAP 2020 is the SAP Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - SAP Germany Glenn González. As here in this short interview he talks less about technology, but rather about the mindset that must precede the technology.

Image of a smiling woman, next to her a laptop with the SAP HCM screen, in the background a building and mountains
SAP HCM Newsticker Portal: Efficient Employee Communication in the Era of Covid-19

In the era of Corona, more people than ever are working from their home offices. With the SAP HCM add-on “Newsticker Portal,” valantic is helping its customers effectively communicate company information, recommendations for action, employer confirmations, and much more to their own employees.

Bild von Sabine Naumann, Solution Architect bei valantic CEC in Mannheim
What is SAP S/4HANA Customer Management and what distinguishes this solution?

SAP has a lot of Customer Relationship Management solutions in its portfolio. Very traditional SAP CRM on-premise or the cloud-based SAP C/4HANA. We will show you another alternative with SAP S/4HANA OP: Customer Management.

Bild von Corinna Sahan, Junior Consultant SAP QM bei valantic Enterprise Resource Planning, im Hintergrund das Bürogebäude von valantic in Langenfeld sowie ein Tablet mit der valantic Homepage und ein Konferenzraum
Junior Consultant SAP QM – Career Start Trainee

After completing her traineeship in summer 2019, Corinna Sahan started as Junior SAP Consultant QM at valantic. She tells us about her experiences as a trainee and her tasks as Junior SAP Consultant.

Bild eines Laptops und eines Handys, daneben ein Schild mit der Aufschrift "Covid 19 - We are open", drei Personen im Gespräch vor einem Computer, im Hintergrund die Skyline von Köln
The valantic S/4HANA study 2020: Into the digital future despite Corona

Learn in valantic's current S/4HANA Sudy how companies in all industries are currently evaluating SAP S/4HANA and what current trends can be detected.

Bild von Uli Müller, Geschäftsführer bei Linkit Consulting - a valantic company, im Hintergrund ein Gebäude, ein Bild von Post-Its sowie eines Laptopsbildschirmes
Controlling has to help actively shape the transition to SAP S/4HANA

Interview with Uli Müller, Managing Director LINKIT Consulting – a valantic company, about controlling questions in connection with SAP S/4HANA.

Bild einer Frau, die vor einem Laptop sitzt und Kaffee trinkt, einem Handy, Euro-Geldscheinen sowie die Skyline einer Stadt im Hintergrund, valantic, Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Achieve efficient liquidity management in four steps

In the current crisis, the concern is to secure liquidity quickly and effectively and to reduce ongoing costs. Our technical article shows how this works in four steps with the SAP Analytics Cloud.

Image of Thomas Latajka, Managing Director at valantic ERP, office in Langenfeld, conference room, valantic website on a tablet computer
How SAP S/4HANA Makes Procurement Processes More Intelligent

Interview with Thomas Latajka, Managing Director valantic ERP Services, about innovations in procurement processes with SAP S/4HANA.

Bild von Tatjana Kilb, Business Analystin für SAP Customer Experience Solutions bei valantic CEC, im Hintergrund die Büroräume von valantic in Mannheim
Business Analyst for SAP Customer Experience Solutions – Insights from the Project and Working World at valantic

Tatjana Kilb decided to join valantic in October 2017 after a personal interview. In her role as Business Analyst, she provides insight into the SAP Customer Experience project world and she explains why everybody is working together at valantic.

Bild eines Straßennetzes, eines Laptops sowie eines Handys und Mitarbeitern im Gespräch, Intercompany Abstimmungen, im Hintergrund die Stadtansicht von Köln
Next-Generation Intercompany Reconciliation: Pull Into the Fast Lane with S/4HANA and Fiori

The expanded and redesigned SAP solution SAP ICMR (Intercompany Matching and Reconciliation) represents an all-around modernization of the intercompany process and provides significant improvements.

Bild von Marcel Deichmann, SAP Experte bei valantic Enterprise Ressource Planning (ERP), Serverraum, offener Laptop, weißes Gebäude im Hintergrund
“It’s possible to implement SAP S/4HANA Cloud in 4 weeks”

Many people in charge are asking the question whether they should shift essential platforms such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to the cloud. In this interview, SAP expert Marcel Deichmann of the ERP specialist valantic explains what is behind ERP systems in the cloud and for which users solutions such as the SAP S/4HANA cloud are best suited.

Image of Simon Wolter, Managing Consultant at Linkit Consulting - a valantic company, Office in Cologne, Cologne Skyline
SAP S/4HANA Finance – Insights into the consulting world at the interface of financial accounting and IT

Simon Wolter, Managing Consultant, reports about his specialization in SAP S/4HANA Finance, and what exciting challenges have to be confronted.

Image of a smiling woman, computer screen SAP HCM, mountains in the background
Implement compensation for shorter working hours and compensation payments with SAP HCM

The current Covid-19 pandemic has turned the lives of companies and employees upside down, posing special challenges for HR departments. However, many SAP systems are not equipped for this. Our tips will show you how companies should handle these challenges.

Bild von Thomas Pongratz, Managing Consultant SAP Transportation Management, vor dem Münchener valantic Office
An excursion into SAP Transportation Management at valantic

Thomas Pongratz, Managing Consultant at valantic, on the fast-moving nature of information technology, the challenges arising from this, and why he especially appreciates the team spirit and hands-on mentality at valantic.

Roboter Hand tippt auf einer Laptop-Tastatur, valantic Whitepaper Chatbots ChatGPT - GenAI - Generative AI
CFO: Surviving the digitalization madness – time-travel!

We are now in the future, in the year 2025. You're the CFO, sitting in your office, going over the manuscript for your upcoming farewell speech once again. In just a few minutes, you’ll face your employees one last time. Will you tell a tale of success or are you leaving your company because you failed miserably at digitalization?

Image of Fabian Stocker, Vice President Integrated Business Planning, in front of the valantic office in Munich
On a Digital Journey in the SAP IBP World

Interview with Fabian Stocker, Vice President Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) at valantic Supply Chain Excellence, about working as a consultant at valantic.

Image of Thomas Latajka, Managing Director at valantic ERP, office in Langenfeld, conference room, valantic website on a tablet computer
SAP ERP maintenance extension: Why we shouldn’t just sit back and relax with S/4HANA

SAP has recently extended the deadline for upgrading to the S/4HANA Business Suite. Companies now have until the end of 2027 – or for a surcharge, until 2030 – for the migration. We spoke with Thomas Latajka about the burden on companies and why you shouldn't just sit back and relax.

Image of toy cars at valantic Drift Showcase
valantic DR!FT showcase

With our showcase, valantic connects processes along the value chain, using chatbots and IoT – with ease and at high speed.

Logo of Siemens AG, next to it a picture of two men at an event and behind it pictures of a train and a station, valantic Siemens digital marketplace
New digital Marketplace at SIEMENS

With the Easy Spares Marketplace™, SIEMENS is taking another step toward digitalization.

Picture of wine bottles in a wine rack, a mobile phone on which an online shop is displayed and two people in a consultation, valantic Customer Experience (CX)
News@SAP Customer Experience

In Orlando, SAP announced that with the introduction of the SAP C/4HANA Suite, it will revolutionize CRM. CRM will become CX (Customer Experience) and the focus will be more clearly on the customer.

Image of a meeting, people holding a cell phone and a pen, laptop in the background: valantic SAP S4/HANA Deep Dive Workshop
SAP S/4HANA Deep Dive Workshop

SAP S/4HANA Deep Dive Workshop by valantic: A clear overview of new features relevant for you including an individual roadmap with concrete recommendations for action.

Logo of Heller Maschinenbau, image of a grinding machine and a woman and a man in front of a computer monitor
Successful trade show campaign at Heller with SAP Hybris Cloud

With the help of valantic, Heller, a globally-active machine builder, digitalized its entire trade show campaign in just three months for the leading AMB trade show in Stuttgart.