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HCM Inside for SAP time management

Multifaceted changes present new challenges for HR work: The digital transformation, artificial intelligence and people analytics, the skilled labor shortage, and demographic change will determine the future of the working world.

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The challenge of daily HR work is to attune state-of-the-art HR management and administrative tasks, data, HR systems, and processes of daily operation perfectly to one another and integrate them optimally. The challenging task is to achieve a perfect balance between using state-of-the-art technologies, and optimized processes and providing transparent services for a company’s own employees, on through to identifying the optimal use of data to establish the company’s future in the long term. The fulfillment of legal, wage, and operational requirements and adherence to data protection are not a requirement, but a matter of course – if possible at foreseeable, fair, and transparent costs. The HCM INSIDE TIME product family will help you reorient, digitalize, and slim down your time management processes.

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HCM Inside

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HCM Inside

Increase the benefits of your SAP HCM system!

From entry of and application for presence and absences, overtime, rebookings, and access, on through to approval and the creation of evaluations and time cards via ESS/MSS scenarios; HCM INSIDE TIME offers workflow-based, transparent, efficient processes for your SAP HCM system. The synchronous data interface to SAP Time management (PT) provides you with a view of all SAP time management data in real time.

Individually configurable

HCM INSIDE TIME can be configured according to your specific requirements and thus adapted easily to your company’s needs.

HCM INSIDE web portal for ESS/MSS processes

Make your time management processes available to all employees company-wide using a digitalized ESS/MSS process in the HCM INSIDE TIME web portal.

Revision-proof data storage

Save the complete workflow and approval process so they are revision-proof and data security is assured in your document management system, e.g. SAP Archive.

Save time and money

By digitalizing your processes, you reduce your administrative tasks and throughput times and achieve significant cost savings.

Keep data up-to-date

The synchronous data interface to SAP time management ensures access to your master data in real time.

Environmentally friendly

Environmental protection is important to us – so we prevent unnecessary printing of your forms.

Your decision in favor of HCM Inside

With HCM INSIDE TIME, you will take an important step toward becoming a modern, paperless company. While previously many activities were controlled by paper applications at your company, by using digital ESS/MSS processes in the HCM INSIDE TIME web portal, you can optimize your paper-based business processes for the long term. Allow your employees to enter their applications on their own on a PC, notebook or via the HCM INSIDE smart mobile component using their mobile end user devices, including smartphone, tablet, etc. The manager is informed about the application via e-mail and can process, decline or approve it online. This eliminates errors that can arise due to media breaks such as typos or calculation errors during manual data transfer of the paper application. The applicant and/or approver can view all applications made via ESS/MSS process together with the appropriate process status. Employees and managers can call up their current time cards and various evaluations at any time. Of course employees without their own access to the HCM INSIDE TIME web portal can also have their applications entered by the manager, timekeeper or secretary.

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HCM provides you with the following standard scenarios:

  • Recording of arrival/departure times (clock-in/clock-out)
  • Recording of presences/absences
  • Recording of overtime
  • Recording of time rebookings
  • Recording of standby states


HCM TIME Cockpit

Use the functions to view your time management data easily and clearly:

Time management

Record missing time events, presences and absences, overtime, and time rebookings easily in HCM INSIDE TIME.

Information for managers

Complete overview of birthdays, anniversaries, balances, and employees’ time cards.

Department calendar

Maintain an overview of all absences on your team or all employees of your company.


Use the detailed evaluation possibilities to display time cards, proof of compensation or balances for your employees.

Your tasks

Use HCM INSIDE TIME to perform tasks easily, efficiently, and quickly using the appropriate ESS/MSS processes.

Your applications

Receive a meaningful overview of all of your applications and their status.

Delegation function

In a flash you can set up delegation for your employees for absences due to vacation, illness, etc.

SMART mobile components

Use your PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone to perform your tasks – HCM INSIDE SMART adjusts to your end user devices automatically.

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