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The SAP HR world is undergoing massive digital and process changes thanks to the conversion to S4/HANA and new cloud products. Customers expect that the digital transformation will create space and time for what matters most, thus providing an important basis for future challenges in the HR world.

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For the HR department plays a key role in your company’s success story. The challenge for HR departments is to strike an optimal balance between using state-of-the-art technologies and digital processes and in the process, providing optimal services for their own employees. Adherence to legal, wage, and operational requirements and data protection is obligatory and with the digital transformation it should be possible to complete the digital transformation in the HR department at foreseeable, fair, and transparent costs.

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HCM Payslip

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HCM Payslip

HCM PAYSLIP digitalizes company-wide compensation documents and makes these available to employees in compliance with the GDPR. Provide your employees with access to all relevant compensation documents online at all times, and also to additional documents such as their cafeteria bills – regardless of when and where.

Access to all documents

Give your employees online access to all documents you have approved.

Digital sending and provision

Send your documents via e-mail directly from SAP HCM or make them available to your employees via the HCM PAYSLOP WEB portal.

Secure and fast

We encrypt all documents to prevent unauthorized access by third parties.

Two-factor authentication

You can log into the system with two-factor authentication.

Self-onboarding service

New employees can register themselves on the system and enter all necessary data such as private e-mail address, passwords, etc. themselves.

Environmentally friendly

Protect the environment by not printing and sending paper documents.

Keep data up-to-date

Thanks to the synchronous interface to your SAP HCM system, HCM PAYSLIP can make the documents available at any time.

Save time and money

Reduce your administrative tasks and reduce costs significantly by making your documents available digitally.

Possibilities with HCM Payslip

HCM PAYSLIP offers your employees extensive functionalities for making all relevant documents accessible online at any time. The provision of all documents is done via e-mail or employees’ direct access to the HCM PAYSLIP web portal. Make all compensation-relevant documents such as employee proof of compensation, payroll tax certification, DEÜV reporting, time cards, cafeteria bills, attachments, and other documents you choose available to employees online via HCM PAYSLIP – in compliance with the highest security requirements, such as HTTPS, AES-256 (PDF encryption) – and while adhering to the GDPR. HCM PAYSLIP will help you reduce your administrative tasks significantly and achieve cost advantages as compared to the printing and mailing of your documents.

HCM PAYSLIP web portal

Using a central web-based application, all of your employees can access all digital documents easily.

Available compensation documents

With HCM PAYSLIP, you can view all compensation-relevant documents that were generated in SAP HCM historically.


By displaying the history of the last actions in the system, your employees will have a transparent view of whether and which documents have been forwarded by mail or provided and downloaded in the HCM PAYSLIP web portal.


All documents sent or provided are securely encrypted with AES-256. This way, you protect your employees’ sensitive data against the wandering eyes of other people and misuse.

Private e-mail address

Each employee can specify any private or business e-mail address as recipient for the e-mails.

Responsive Web design

Regardless of which end user device you are using for HCM PAYSLIP – a desktop, tablet or smartphone – the interface always adjusts to your end user device.

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Standard and additional documents

With HCM PAYSLIP, you can make many compensation documents available, including:

  • Employee proof of compensation
  • Payroll tax certification
  • DEÜV reporting

Additional documents – on request, other documents of your choice can be incorporated:

  • Employer certification
  • Time cards
  • Cafeteria bills

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