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Multifaceted changes present new challenges for HR work: The digital transformation, artificial intelligence and people analytics, the skilled labor shortage, and demographic change will determine the future of the working world.

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Multifaceted changes present new challenges for HR work: The digital transformation, artificial intelligence and people analytics, the skilled labor shortage, and demographic change will determine the future of the working world. Administrative tasks and processes in HR are essential and need to be perfectly attuned to one another and functional. The challenge here is to strike an optimal balance between using state-of-the-art technologies, optimized processes, and providing perfect services. The fulfillment of legal, wage, and operational requirements and adherence to data protection are not a requirement, but a matter of course – if possible at foreseeable, fair, and transparent costs. HCM Frame will help you effectively re-align, digitalize, and slim down your paper-based processes.

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HCM Frame

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HCM Frame

Currently, companies are still using paper-based processes, which in many company areas (e.g. purchasing, logistics, HR, etc.) are characterized by a lot of manual administrative effort (process and systems) and media breaks. Paper-based processes and their manual data takeover, e.g. into your SAP HCM system, generate enormous administrative and process costs for companies. HCM Frame helps reduce administrative and process costs significantly. Digitalize, speed up, and simplify your company’s processes. Permanently replace your paper forms and increase the quality of your company data.

Digital forms

Digitalize and unify your existing paper forms – and always use the current versions of your forms company-wide.

HCM FRAME web portal for ESS/MSS processes

Make your forms available to all employees company-wide using a digitalized ESS/MSS process.

Revision-proof data storage

Archive all of your forms, so they are revision-proof and data security is assured, in your document management system, e.g. SAP Archive.


Reduce your throughput times and costs by using workflow-based approval processes.

Keep data up-to-date

Thanks to the bidirectional interface to your SAP system, we enable you to fill your digital forms with available company data.

Environmentally friendly

Environmental protection is important to us – so we prevent unnecessary printing of your forms.

Possibilities in the form

HCM FRAME offers you extensive functionalities for adapting your digital forms to your company-wide requirements and ESS/MSS processes. Implement any paper form according to your wishes with the associated ESS/MSS process. From customer-specific form and process design to the information displayed and called up, on through to plausibility checks for the mechanical processing of your data, e.g. in SAP HCM, your requirements and processes can be implemented seamlessly. Incorporation into third-party systems such as company portals is also possible with HCM FRAME.

Interactive input fields

Regardless of whether text fields or check boxes – query the user for data depending on the context.

Pre-population of information

Display existing information from SAP or make data entry easier with pre-population from SAP.

Application criteria

Define in your ESS/MSS process when employees have to fill out which form data.

Design of the workflow

Design a specific workflow for each digital form, with as many process and approval steps as you wish.

Plausibility checks

Customer-specific checks and conditions can be implemented for all digital forms.

Delegation function

Delegate required approvals to employees if you are not available due to absences (business trip, sick leave, vacation, etc.).


Use the resubmission function for required approvals at a later time – HCM FRAME will remind you in due time.

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Standard forms

The standard version of HCM FRAME already has a multitude of pre-defined standard forms, which you can use directly or adapt to your operational circumstances. All data is saved in the SAP system and can therefore be processed further and used without media breaks.


Change of private and business address


Reporting of marital status

Bank details

Change of the compensation-related bank details

Company car

Reporting the mileage of the company car

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