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Pimcore consulting meets valantic know-how

Pimcore consulting services from valantic help visionary companies overcome a wide range of challenges in data and experience management.

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Our edge comes from direct access to Pimcore product owners and developers. But also from unmatched experience, an effective end-to-end project approach, and a mix of internal and industry best practices.

We combine all this with a heaping scoop of valantic passion to successfully solve digital challenges with Pimcore – and together with you.

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Strategy consulting for Pimcore A multidisciplinary approach – for optimal results

How can you maximize the strategic return on your Pimcore investment and optimally position yourself for future growth and innovation? In a nutshell: with strategy consulting for Pimcore. But let us explain everything in a little more detail.

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Pimcore Strategic Advisor

A dedicated Pimcore Strategic Advisor works with your strategy teams on data-driven plans. These include challenges such as a global omnichannel strategy, organizational resource planning, and matters regarding application security and sustainability.

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Pimcore Business Analyst

We help reduce development costs and accelerate implementation timelines. You’ll gain a deep understanding of how to align your business requirements, processes, and backend systems with Pimcore capabilities. A Pimcore Business Analyst works side-by-side with your business teams. Together, they will come up with functional system integration requirements for complex implementations.

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Pimcore Account Manager

As part of consulting, you get much more than complete, end-to-end strategic advice – you’ll also get implementation design and governance across all phases of your project lifecycle. All of this will be provided by a multidisciplinary Pimcore team led by a dedicated technical account manager. The service includes architecture consulting, a code audit, and infrastructure review.

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Pimcore Architect

Our credo to maximize the efficiency and performance of your Pimcore deployment:

reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and minimize the need for customization. A Pimcore Architect works side-by-side with your technical teams on custom planning and decision making for complex system architectures.

We live and breathe Pimcore. Since 2009. Want proof?

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