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Data Management with Pimcore PIM/MDM & DAM

Pimcore is one of the leading platforms for integrated data management with multiple functionalities for the following areas: product information management (PIM), master data management (MDM), digital asset management (DAM), and customer data aggregation (CDP).

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Used in well over 100,000 organizations worldwide, Pimcore is one of the largest data management platforms in the world. According to analysts from Gartner and Forrester, Pimcore functionalities are of leading relevance in the enterprise market.

What does this mean for you? valantic is a strategic Pimcore partner and your specialist and first point of contact in the management of enterprise data. More than 200 successfully implemented projects speak for themselves.

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Pimcore PIM & valantic: exciting product experiences

Pimcore’s Open Source Product Information Management software (PIM/PXM) centralizes and harmonizes all your marketing, sales and technical product information.

Pimcore can capture, manage and share any type of digital data. It is also designed for easy integration into existing IT system landscapes. With Pimcore, it is possible to model, consolidate, manage and translate product data and to deliver the data to over 2,000 different channels. All this extremely flexibly and with a low total cost of ownership.

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Pimcore MDM & valantic: one source of truth

Consolidate data in complex, heterogeneous system landscapes with the most powerful Open Source MDM (Master Data Management) platform!

The MDM platform allows you to manage all aspects of a data set. This includes hierarchy, structure, validation, versioning and enrichment with attributes, descriptions, translations, documentation, and other related data.

Pimcore is compatible with any master data. And what’s more, it even consolidates them if required. Manage all data such as product data, customer data, employee data, asset data, partner or supplier data, location data and reference data with one versatile tool!

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Pimcore DAM & valantic: consolidated media data

Pimcore DAM is the world’s leading open-source digital asset management software. It centralizes all your media assets, including images, documents, videos, and other media content.

Pimcore DAM puts digital asset management at the center of digital experience management.

The platform integrates, consolidates, and manages any type and any amount of digital assets. In short, Pimcore Open Source DAM is much more than an outstanding and flexible digital asset management platform. It is a true digital transformation enabler!

The consolidated digital media repository provides a solid structure for digital asset reuse and the optimization of data processing and content search processes. All this with tremendously high performance and scalability, of course.

What are you waiting for? Increase your operational efficiency by automating workflows from production to distribution to optimize your multichannel marketing strategy!

  • Don't be afraid. Be a Pimconaut.
  • Don't be afraid. Be a Pimconaut.
  • Don't be afraid. Be a Pimconaut.
  • Don't be afraid. Be a Pimconaut.

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