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Pimcore – Integration & Implementation

What would comprehensive strategy consulting and development be without the subsequent implementation of the developed solution? In line with our 360-degree approach, we at valantic integrate and implement your individual Pimcore solution. Efficiently and professionally. Based on an enormous wealth of experience and the spirit of innovation of the inventors.

Pimcore integration

by the inventors

API-driven. Headless. REST. Microservices. GraphQL. Datahub. ETL. EAI. These are all topics we deal with on a daily basis. Especially when it comes to the complex integration of ERP, BI, CRM and other company-internal applications. valantic seamlessly integrates Pimcore into your existing IT landscape and unites all data sources in one system. This means that every person in your company always has access to current product and customer data as well as other master data.

The enterprise open-source technology, based on easy-to-use APIs, allows you to retrieve all data in real time. You can integrate Pimcore with any new or existing system to reuse data or extend functionality. In doing so, valantic draws on the broad knowledge gained from over 200 successfully implemented integration projects. We know the ropes. In the SAP context, with Navision, Salesforce and more – integration is our daily business.

Picture of Dietmar taken at the Pimcore Inspire, Valantic CX

Pimcore implementation: smart & sophisticated

The Pimcore success story began in 2009 when we as the valantic Group launched this platform. Since then – more or less since the very first hour – we have been developing customized and oftentimes complex Pimcore solutions for our customers. Smart and sophisticated right from the start. With enormous expertise and a heaping scoop of passion.

We work with this ingenious platform on a daily basis. We understand the creative framework approach to the core. We live Symfony, breathe ExtJS, and love PHP8. So much so that we are even part of the PHP Framework Interop Group with Pimcore. We always keep a holistic perspective on relevant business aspects combined with technological requirements like performance, security, stability, and scalability.

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