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Antavo turns loyalty into brand DNA

Antavo revolutionizes brand love, dispelling it as a legend. In a complex consumer landscape, with integrated loyalty logic, Antavo transforms strategy for scalable, next-gen shopping experiences. #brandlove becomes a reality!

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Loyalty supercharger: Antavo

Because customer loyalty doesn’t happen by chance

Antavo’s mission is to retain buyers once they have been won over and turn them into loyal customers. And they are serious about it: 60 percent of all revenue is consistently invested in the further development of the platform. This means: new updates and features every quarter, constantly improving the core of this unique loyalty platform.

Antavo features & benefits

True omnichannel solution: online-only doesn’t suffice

Rewards with a wow: gamification and exclusivity

Lifestyle rewards: loyalty beyond transactions

Data-driven personalization: because every customer is unique

No-code & headless architecture: customized enterprise solutions without coding

Recognized potential by Gardner, Forrester & Now Tech

Drag & drop usability

Creating campaigns via drag & drop is very easy in Antavo. Personalized event- & trigger-related actions within the framework of loyalty programs can be customized and distributed as an automated flow.

360-degrees across all key touchpoints

The Antavo ecosystem creates 360-degree coverage across all relevant touchpoints: mobile and stationary. The headless architecture allows white-label solutions to be quickly adapted to create a customizable experience across channels for both users and consumers.

Customer engagement

Elements of the digital now:
from consent to feedback

Customer engagement
Customer engagement

Engagement tech

Bundled MarTech excellence for your customer experience

Customer engagement technology
Customer engagement technology
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Customer experience readiness

How tangible is your digital customer relationship in the digital now? Let’s find out where you are on this journey with your company!

We call it “CX Readiness” and it helps you to assess the degree of digitalization of your customer experience. Do you have about 10 minutes to spare? Try our customer experience readiness tool now!

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