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valantic presents: customer engagement via CX automation

Action-driven CX with Zenloop

Zenloop knows what ingredients intelligent customer engagement requires. And with the corresponding background story, it also becomes clear why this is the case. On the market since 2017, Zenloop initially launched as an in-house solution of an e-commerce giant for exactly this purpose. The whole thing springs from a qualitative solution approach that first proved its worth internally and then became established on the market as a SaaS service. The technology provider describes itself as an action-driven CX automation platform. And we couldn't have found a better description!

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Zenloop knows about the power of customers

Customer Feedback –
a key element

Customer feedback is one of the key disciplines in the “digital now”, where a clear differentiation between the old world and the new cosmos becomes apparent. Since measuring customer satisfaction can be a complex undertaking, Zenloop has taken on the task of making this elementary aspect of a customer loyalty strategy as bite-sized as possible for e-commerce companies. And we think: successfully so!

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With Zenloop, winning back or retaining customers is easy.

Zenloop Customer Feedback Module across all touchpoints - with valantic CX_EN

Zenloop helps you find out about the customer perspective based on quantitative and qualitative feedback. And it does this in multiple ways – across all touchpoints along the customer journey. The fact that this happens automatically and with the help of artificial intelligence is almost the expected baseline of technology.

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