RISE with SAP Paves the Way to the Cloud for Industrial Enterprises

RISE with SAP Paves the Way to the Cloud for Industrial Enterprises

There is no way around digitization, as the Corona pandemic impressively shows. For some time now, manufacturing companies, too, have been occupying themselves – at least conceptually – with aligning their business processes flexibly and intelligently for the digital age. Many of them are asking themselves how they can best get started and progress swiftly. RISE with SAP is an especially interesting option for just such companies.

RISE with SAP: Business Transformation as a Service

With RISE with SAP, SAP has become the first company to offer Business Transformation as a Service (TaaS): For a monthly usage fee, customers receive the ERP solution SAP S/4HANA Cloud, along with other products, services and methodologies from SAP and SAP partners such as valantic. It also includes technical operation and support for software and infrastructure. This all-round offering paves the way for companies wanting to move to the cloud, and is especially advantageous for small and medium-sized industrial enterprises. This is because it lets them progress with their digitization programs, even with limited internal IT resources, and without the need for heavy upfront investments. More and more customers are beginning to recognize these benefits.

RISE with SAP allows companies to focus on their core business and TaaS usage. They no longer have the effort of finding the necessary systems, platforms and tools, or of coordinating different vendors and service providers; rather, they have just two contacts with clearly defined responsibilities for all matters: SAP and a SAP partner who accompany the transformation project as sparring partners and take care of operating, support and application management.

Processes in the spotlight

There is no single “right” path to business transformation that applies to all businesses. Rather, each company will take a different transformation path to achieve its goals, depending on its unique situation. For this reason, RISE with SAP is geared to the customers’ concrete fundamentals and focuses on their individual business processes. This is an entirely new approach in IT projects where, until now, the spotlight had been on the systems rather than the processes.

With systems now playing only a subordinate role, attention has shifted to defining the right processes and digitizing them end-to-end. The business objects that ultimately control the processes and the SAP S/4HANA platform approach are crucial here. On this basis, RISE with SAP serves as a toolbox, allowing companies to pick and choose exactly what they need to develop and digitally transform their business processes.

Quick start for digitization with RISE with SAP

Those wishing to transform their businesses with RISE with SAP should simply get started – ideally on a small scale with a manageable process that offers the company tangible value add. After that, measurable goals must be defined and the process integrated directly into the system as a prototype. The maxim here should be to go live with a 70 percent solution as soon as possible, rather than spending much longer trying to devise a 100 percent solution.

valantic supports companies with a portfolio of starter packages. These industry-specific processes can be implemented swiftly and also include detailed production planning for SAP Manufacturing Execution, which allows manufacturers to get off to a quick start. With RISE with SAP, customers can make much faster headway on their transformation journeys.

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