These are the best SAP consulting firms: valantic ranks third

Jörg Wassink

April 16, 2021

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valantic ranks third among the most popular and renowned SAP consulting firms in Germany, against strong competition. This is the result of a study conducted by management and economic research establishment Institut für Management und Wirtschaftsforschung (IMWF) in conjunction with Computerwoche. The study was based on social listening, a technique that measures provider reputation on the strength of online sources such as news sites, forums and social media channels.

The corona crisis and impending migration to S/4HANA pose enormous challenges for companies that use SAP, since the introduction of the software and technical implementation are often only half the battle: The other side of the equation – the task of transforming the business and thought processes – is equally decisive. Change management and agile leadership – for many companies more than simply buzzwords – are just as much a part of this as entirely new forms of customer orientation. Furthermore, SAP and ever more companies are recognizing the importance of driving enterprise intelligence forward in Germany.

In such a complex environment, it helps to have a strong partner at your side. The “IT Champions: SAP Consultants” study by Computerwoche and Institut für Management- und Wirtschaftsforschung (IMWF) can be likened to an Oscar for Germany’s best SAP consulting firms. Out of a total of 100 SAP consulting firms, the top three companies emerged as follows:

  • 1st place: Itelligence (100 points)
  • 2nd place: adesso SE (91.5 points)
  • 3rd place: valantic (90.8 points)

What is remarkable about this close ranking is that adesso has four times as many employees as valantic and Itelligence, an NTT Data Group company, no fewer than eight times as many!

Social listening: Reputation, public opinion and staff ratings

The study and subsequent ranking were derived from an AI-supported sentiment analysis of the most prominent and top-performing SAP consultants based on social listening. For this purpose, IMWF analysts collected over 438 million references from online sources such as news sites, forums, blogs and social media channels and evaluated 200,000 of them over the period October 2019 to November 2020. Neural networks and advanced artificial intelligence were also used in the process.

The overall rating incorporated the appraisal of the respective SAP consulting firm as an employer, the performance and innovativeness of its management, its profitability and sustainability, and users’ opinions of the products and services. In this way it was possible to form an objective blend of SAP users’ opinions and the internal processes and successes.

The sentiment analysis assigned each statement to one of the three categories ‘Positive’, ‘Neutral’ and ‘Negative’, with equal weightings for each of the evaluation criteria. This, combined with the tonality of the contributions and their reach on the Internet, ultimately allowed the overall score to be calculated for the reputation of the 100 pre-selected SAP service providers. Only four companies scored over 90 points, among them valantic.

With valantic to the intelligent enterprise

Concentrated know-how and many decades’ experience have made valantic one of the fastest growing IT service providers and SAP partners in Germany and Central Europe. Our customers not only include many prominent medium-sized enterprises, but also a large number of corporations from Germany’s DAX 30 blue chip stock index. valantic’s digitalization experts help B2B customers to implement SAP products and services.

In doing so, our SAP consultants take a holistic approach with end-to-end processes specifically tailored to each company’s unique requirements. Besides strategic consulting services, valantic’s service portfolio also focuses on monitoring and controlling production and supply chains, financial controlling and business analytics, as well as the customer journey, which is nowadays becoming ever more crucial. In the e-book accompanying our Customer Focus Day SAP, interested parties can glean valuable insights into the practical deployment of current SAP projects and important tips from SAP Chief Technology Officer, Glenn González, on how companies can future-proof their operations and become intelligent enterprises.

Click here for more information on SAP services from valantic.

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