The SAP Trainee Program: A kick-start for a successful career in controlling

Nicole Rösner

May 12, 2022

Tim Lipgens, Consultant S/4HANA Finance; SAP Trainee at valantic

In a brief interview, Tim Lipgens, Consultant S/4HANA Finance, provides exciting insights into valantic’s SAP trainee program and tells us how and when he started working on challenging controlling projects.

Hello Tim! Great that you take the time to answer a few questions for us! What did you actually study?

I completed a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

And why did you decide to participate in valantic’s trainee program?

I thought it would be good preparation for a future consulting role in controlling, provide me with insight into the various SAP modules, and expand my knowledge of this area.

How would you describe the trainee program in 3 words?

Practical, team and success.

What did you like most about the program?

You really get to know the colleagues who work on the various SAP modules (since they give lectures as part of the trainee program, for example), and you have the opportunity to benefit from their project experience and knowledge. Direct questions were always possible and welcome, so we got very good insight into the individual modules.

Why would you recommend valantic’s trainee program?

In my initial projects, the module overview truly helped me understand the relationships between the SAP modules – so I count it a complete success!

How did things go for you after this?

Right after I completed the trainee program, I started consulting on various SAP CO projects in the areas of controlling, joint and product cost accounting – and that’s what I’m still doing today.

Thanks for the interview, Tim! And good luck for the future!

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