Junior Consultant SAP QM – Career Start Trainee

Celine Wittmer

August 11, 2020

Bild von Corinna Sahan, Junior Consultant SAP QM bei valantic Enterprise Resource Planning, im Hintergrund das Bürogebäude von valantic in Langenfeld sowie ein Tablet mit der valantic Homepage und ein Konferenzraum

Corinna Sahan, 27, was a trainee in summer 2019 and then started as Junior SAP Consultant QM at valantic. She tells us about her experiences as a trainee and gives us an overview of her tasks as Junior SAP Consultant.

How was your start at valantic?

I was recruited actively by valantic’s HR colleagues on Xing while I was still studying for my Master’s degree. At the beginning of the application phase, I was a bit uncertain since I had studied electrical engineering and working with SAP wasn’t what I had imagined as a job. However, my uncertainty disappeared rapidly during the application process. The reasons for this were the quick process and especially the people I got to know during the application phase. Last but not least, the detailed information about the trainee program won me over. Then the decision to work at valantic was very easy.

During the traineeship, I especially liked being part of a group. The trainee program exposes you to a whole lot of knowledge; that’s why especially in the beginning, it was nice to not be in it alone. Even though we have finished our traineeship in the meantime and are working on different project teams, we have remained a tight group.

My personal highlight during the traineeship was an internal programming project. The nice thing about that is that the product is still being used intensively within the company and I am still the contact partner for my colleagues.

What do you do as Junior SAP Consultant QM

Since summer 2019, I have been Junior SAP Consultant QM.

During my traineeship, I had expressed a desire to be more than just a consultant or developer. It was important to me to be able to be involved in the entire process. The QM area offers me an interface where I can both advise and develop.

As Junior SAP Consultant QM, I am responsible for the quality management area at the customer. We record the companies’ requirements, work with the customer to structure quality management, and implement it technically. In the process, in addition to existing company processes, we also have to consider the customer’s products in order to find an individual solution.

I really enjoy collaborating with my team colleagues since we understand and complement each other very well. After work, we like to do things as a team.

What are the challenges of your job?

The special challenge is that there is hardly any routine. I learn something new every day. On the one hand, there are regular changes in SAP; on the other, the requirements vary by company.  Each customer has different desires and needs that we address individually. In addition to advising them, we work hard to implement the customer’s desires technically.

What do you especially like about valantic?

I especially like the work environment at valantic. There are a lot of little things that come together to create a pleasant work environment. Starting with the very warm, personal application process; then there’s the start as trainee, where you feel very welcome; then there’s the little chocolate Santa that’s waiting on your desk on December 6 (St. Nicholas’ Day).

I also appreciate the flat hierarchies. This means that you can talk to anyone, from trainees to the top managers. New suggestions and ideas and criticisms are also received gladly and implemented. This shows me that not only do you belong, but you’re taken seriously as a colleague and employee at valantic.

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