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Holistic consulting

360-Degree Customer Experience Consulting

Marketing, sales and technology need to evolve together. Ideally seamlessly and without silos. For the benefit of credible and inspiring customer experiences. Because brand awareness is no longer created by marketing alone – but primarily by (positive) customer experiences along the entire customer journey. And that's where we come in as a CX agency. We understand people. We understand business. And we understand the technologies needed to successfully tackle even complex issues. We are management consultants, tech enablers and a creative agency all in one – and we are happy to support you on your way to new market opportunities and markets. On request, holistically: with our 360-degree customer experience consulting approach.

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Customer experience consulting With a focus on customer interaction

What do we mean by customer experience? At its core, it’s all about how customers interact with your company, brand, and products. It’s about relationships, communication, and a sense of familiarity. Ultimately, trust is key.

The value of trust – a decisive factor at all touchpoints along the entire customer journey. But it is precisely this journey that is often no longer easy to trace in the digital omnichannel world. Even despite the fact that everything is now up to 99 percent data-driven. Ultimately, it’s about understanding customers and their intentions and helping them get answers to their questions as conveniently as possible by means of digital technologies.

Step 1 is therefore: Understand your customers! And we can certainly support you in this.

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Customer Journey Mapping the customer relationship

Customer journey mapping is a frequently used method for better assessing and understanding customer interactions. It involves mapping the relationship between customers and the company along the customer journey.

This mapping process comprises different phases of customer interactions – from awareness to advocacy. In addition, the individual touchpoints are included in the considerations. In this respect, the customer journey map is one of the essentials for evaluating and optimizing the customer experience. An indispensable tool for us as a CX agency.

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Buyer personas Segmentation of target groups

Depending on the target group, customer journeys are very different. Every customer has a clear profile, unique preferences and wishes, and specific intentions. The “who” and the “why” play a crucial role in this context. The topic of personas is therefore about defining and segmenting target groups in order to better inspire them along their customer journey. So-called archetypes are used for this purpose.

After all, experience management is always about the customer.


Understanding customers and their needs


Creating digital experiences that inspire customers


Optimizing and monitoring the relationship in an agile manner

CX consulting – here’s what we’ll do Do it the valantic way!

Let’s stick to the facts: There is actually no standard valantic way – but our experts have specific know-how due to their individual professional experience. Of course, customer experience consulting includes certain common approaches, processes, and procedures. Nevertheless, each of our projects is unique, because our clients face a wide variety of challenges.

Fortunately, we can draw on the expertise of a total of 700 digital enthusiasts for our consulting services as a customer experience agency! For areas ranging from strategy and technology to design and marketing. We also rely on our extensive wealth of know-how from more than 500 successfully implemented projects.

One thing is for sure: We deliver the answers to your specific questions! And after all these years in the industry, the questions often resemble each other, at least to some extent.

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