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Content that inspires customers

Content Marketing & Customer Relations

In tourism, retail or manufacturing, your respective target group wants to experience your products and services. Via text and images. And on all relevant channels. How do you achieve that? With outstanding content marketing and first-rate customer relations. Because it's not about more content, it's about better content! Content that speaks to your customers at all touchpoints of the customer journey.

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What is content marketing?

The most important facts in a nutshell

Content Marketing: a term that is often used but rarely questioned. Do you know what’s behind it? The term stands for a marketing technique. So far, so good. The aim of this technique is to captivate and impress potential customers with informative, inspiring, helpful or entertaining content. Ideally within the shortest possible time. And precisely the people you want to reach with your offers.

In short, content marketing is an effective tool for attracting and retaining customers.

Content marketing that works Create content with added value

Spark curiosity. Arouse interest. Ignite passion. Offer solutions. Entertain. When produced and used correctly, content can do a lot. But content marketing begins long before the actual content is created. Namely, with a sophisticated content strategy that companies can rely on. At valantic, we offer all this and more – holistic support from Adwords to goal definition.

Our services in the area of content marketing include:

  • concepts & strategy
  • consulting
  • content & web copy
  • translation & English copywriting
  • social media marketing
  • blogger & influencer relations
  • blogs & online magazines
  • visual storytelling & video
  • newsletter marketing
  • online marketing, SEO & SEA
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Customer relations done right

More success in customer relations

Are you wondering what customer relations have to do with content marketing? At this point, we don’t want to talk about the technical side of an optimally controlled CRM system. Rather, we want to point out the necessity of shaping customer relationships in the sense of an inspiring customer experience. By applying our 360-degree approach, this goal can also be consistently pursued in content marketing.

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The magic word: content commerce

We see CRM as a strategic approach that comprises the complete planning, management and implementation of all interactive processes with the customer. And this includes, among other things, outstanding content. We believe that exceptional customer relationship management is the golden ticket to success – and we would be happy to accompany you on your journey there.


It's all about relevant content! You agree?

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